1. StealthOwl

    Optics FS: (2) Swarovski 2x Binocular Boosters

    (2) Swaro 2x Boosters for sale, both in their original packaging with pouches and objective caps. These are used to double the magnification of EL & SLC binos. Also adaptable to LRFs for more precise laser placement at distance. Super clear glass. 1. Excellent condition other than a tiny...
  2. The4GunGuy

    Spotters Swarovski 15x56 SLC Binocular Review & Ranking Against My Other Spotting Devices

    Hi Everyone! Well, that beautiful wife of mine surprised me on my birthday with a brand new set of Swarovski 15x56 SLC's and all I can say is "WOW". I'm not only reviewing these, but also ranking all the spotting scopes/binoculars I've purchased and used. Enjoy!
  3. Droptinetrader

    SOLD Swaro / Kahles 55% Off Cert

    Won this recently, have a set of EL Range's on the way so I don't need it. Would consider trade offers for Bushnell Elite Tactical spotting scope Leupold Mark 4 12-40 with Horus reticle. $1000
  4. skyewalker

    Firearms 6.5 Creed barreled action Proof carbon fiber

    Rem700 SS receiver Proof 22” CF barrel threaded 5/8x24 Seekins 20moa base Krg bolt knob thingy Rifle basix erv-3k 1500 rounds on the barrel +-100 Shoots .3-.4s with h4350 and 147eldms Chambered and threaded by my buddy Hoover precision rifles out of MT. $850 shipped to FFL or trade for...
  5. C

    Optics SOLD - Swarovski - STR 80 MRAD W/25-50X W Eyepiece

    $3100 Shipped and Insured - CONUS and PP only. No trades please. This has only been used a few times and have been well taken care of. Never seen rain or harsh environments. I am sure you are familiar with this optic, but has an illuminated MRAD reticle that can be turned on or off. Comes...
  6. E

    Rifle Scopes LVPO Shootout ($1500-$3000): Vortex Razor1-10, Kahles K18i 1-8, Leupold MK6 1-6, NF ATACR 1-8

    Between the 5 options which one and why? And let’s say application is all purpose (hunting, plinking, training, etc) 0-400 yards/meters Vortex Razor HD Gen III 1-10 Kahles K18i 1-8 Swarovski Z8i 1-8 Leupold mk6 1-6 Nightforce ATACR 1-8 All things considered: Weight Features Durability Focal...
  7. calamjn

    Optics Sold - WTS/WTT Swarovski ATS 80mm w/ 20-60x eyepiece and case

    I have a mint Swaro ATS 80mm w/20-60x eyepiece and case. Glass is perfect and so is the body. Only used a couple times, never outside the case. Also have the box for the body and eyepiece. $2300 or trade for a set of 10x42 El Range binos. Not interested in any other trades. I have all original...
  8. GunFreak0814


    For sale, no trades. Lightly used Swarovski SLC 15x56's. What you see in the photos is what you get. Nothing wrong with them. Simply don't use them anymore. 1,700.00
  9. Foweis

    ..!!??help please?!!?!??

    Hello everyone. I have a little confusion on what to get. Between four options what do you think I should buy? 1.Leica 10x42 HD-B rangefinder bino.$2995. 2. Swarovski 10x42 EL rangefinder bino.$2995. 3.vectronix terrapin plrf (if you don't think there is a need for binos).$2000. 4.Bushnell...
  10. ptaylor

    Rifle Scopes mil-dots in my swaro spotter?

    Can anybody do this? I love my swaro except for no reticle.
  11. G

    Rifle Scopes 2nd hand swaro lrf

    I have 3 days to bid on a 2nd hand Swarovski lrf unit that is 2 years old and I believe has had commercial hunting guide use in the alpine areas of New Zealand.Do these things have any known flaws after heavy usage or any thing I should be aware of before buying 2nd hand ?Some advice would be...
  12. Down Under Hunter

    WTB- Looking for Swaro 15 x 56 Slc Binos old model

    Can soemone help me out here and tell me why I cant post this listing in the optics for sale section ? It says I am unauthorised ? Can someone suggest where I might pick a set of these up. I am looking for excellent cond used or new. Fair price paid. Thanks all. DUH
  13. C

    Rifle Scopes Field Scope vs Swaro vs Zeiss vs Leica

    As the title says I am looking to see if the Nikon is comparable or close to the other 3. I tried the search function and I cannot find anything as to the likes. Not saying it isn't there, I just couldn't find it. I'm looking for real feed back not SWAGS. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
  14. SAKOstalker

    Hunting & Fishing Swaro Z6 or Zeiss Diavari for a hunting scope??

    If you could pick one of these for a hunting rifle, which would you pick and why? eye relief and reticle plane location are 2 differences.... <span style="font-weight: bold">Swaro Z6 1.7-10x42</span> rear focal plane etched reticle Magnification 1.7-10x Objective Lens Diameter 42mm...