1. SemperFly

    Suppressors Taurus 85

    Looking for feedback in two areas, grip and trigger tension, for a Taurus 85UL. 1) Pachmayr, Hogue, Uncle Mikes, or whatever has worked for you. 2) Spring kit or way to adjust the tension for the pull on this model
  2. M

    Taurus pistols, FP and HP bullets

    I don't have a Taurus pistol myself, but several of my friends do. They all happen to be 9mm. I think one is a 24/7 model, and the others are millennium models. They look to me to have very steep feed ramps. They seem to really hate anything other than FMJRN bullets. Anyone else experience...
  3. G

    Suppressors anyone have info on taurus 24/7 oss

    i looked on the search engine and i came up with nothing on this pistol does anyone have any info about this from personal use or someone they know. From what i read it sounds to be a nice piece but that's not always the case any info you have will be some help thanks
  4. 7

    Suppressors Taurus 1911 ??

    Shot my brand new Taurus SS1911 for the first time yesterday using Sellier & Bellot Pistol ammo 230 FMJ. Out of over 100 shot rounds, I got a non-fire off of every 8-round magazine. One mag had 5 out of 8 non-fires. I ejected each round and single loaded them and they fired. Does this sound...
  5. tman300wm

    Suppressors Problem with Taurus PT 1911 AR .45cal

    Several weeks ago, I was cleaning my new Taurus PT 1911 AR and getting ready to put it in my bed side nightstand. I keep it there, loaded, next to a flashlight. I placed a full magazine of 8 rounds in the pistol, cycled the slide and fed a round into the chamber. I then lowered the hammer to...
  6. M

    Suppressors taurus pt1911

    today i was at the gun show and saw this pistol in stainless with the integral tac mount. it was marked $600. anyone know anything about these?