1. R

    adaptor between Sako optilock and picatinny

    I have a Sako TRG-42 with a 3-ring mount for my Schmidt&Bender 3-27. I also own a Sabatti STR 6.5CM (purchased recently) and I want to mount the same scope on this rifle. In my ideal world, I could take the 3-ring mount from the TRG and put it on the STR with pcatinny. So I probably need an...
  2. GBMaryland

    Photos Black TRG-42 w/ Terge Cheek and Butt Spacers

    Sako TRG-42 - 10mm Terge Cheek Spacer - ~25mm Terge Butt Spacer - Near Muzzle Break - Near Single Recoil Lug 20MOA Rail (older style) - Dremel Tool Special Sun Shade Hook - Black AR Leather Service Sling - Sako TRG (new) Bi-Pod - 300WM - IOR 6x24x50 MP-8 Dot [Zeros fine and works well] (Yeah...
  3. M

    Rifle Scopes Fitment of a Nightforce 5.5-22X56 on a Sako TRG42

    My buddy just bought a TRG42 .300 win mag, and it came complete with the optional short piece of pic rail. He has bought but not received his 5.5-22X56, and I believe we are going to use a NF unimount, but we are unsure of what height to use. Any ideas? We are thinking the high will work, but I...
  4. pickpick

    AR 50 or TRG42?

    A local dealer has a trg42, and I have an AR50. I bought the 50 almost a year ago and shot it about 100 rnds. I bought the lee reloading kit, but now can't seem to get excited about using it. I bought the 50 because I always wanted one not because I needed it, I've been wanting a 338lm about as...
  5. M

    TRG-42 Brake

    What's the best brake for a TRG-42 as far as recoil reduction? The factory brake or a Surefire? Does anyone else make a brake thats better then either of these? Thanks for the help!
  6. M

    WTS: NIB Green trg22 and trg42 green stk rifles. Please read the selling rules of the site and post in the right spot once you meet the requirements. Trying to bypass the rules will get you banned, feel free to pm with questions...
  7. C

    Sako trg-42 prices

    Please tell me the LOWEST price that you have seen a TRG-42 go for in the past 6 months or so. If anyone knows the approximate dealer pricing..that would be helpful too.. I am talking of NEW Rifle prices only. Thanks
  8. I

    sako trg-42 bipod cant adjustment-problem fixed

    i noticed i wasnt the only trg 42 owner who wanted to be able to adjust the resistance/tension in the cant of the sako bipod so it was not too loose when shooting prone [especially if the ground is not level with the target so you need to tilt the cant]. so i thought i'd post this info. a buddy...
  9. SSG Mac

    Gunsmithing TRG-42 Barrel joint

    All, I have been working on a TRG-42, and noticed what appears to be HARD debris at the top of the front action screw (and in the chamfer at the rear of the barrel) It looks like solder!?! Does anyone have any idea what this might be? This appears to be the factory barrel, as installed. Any...
  10. glock10mmman

    Got to fondle a TRG-42 today

    Local shop has one instock. Man that is a beautiful well ballanced rifle. Now I know what the fuss is all about. I think it was around 3500 or so without the rings and bi-pod. Dreaming and drooling
  11. K

    Trg42 questions

    Hello all, I am looking at purchasing a trg42 in 338 Lapua sometime soon (within then ext month or so) and I have some questions for those people who have one or are in the know. First, I see there are 2 types of finishes, matte (blued) and phosphate with the phosphate on average ~ $400 more...