1. C

    Trimming cases and being square

    I have been trimming cases and notice as I spin them in the calipers I tend to have a very slight deviation usually on one side. Since noticing I have been trimming, unlocking case and rotating, then trimming again. This has caused them to be more square but I will still occasionally have an...
  2. dontstrokeme

    Trimming your die?

    Anyone see a problem with trimming the bottom of my RCBS 270WSM FL die? Maybe 15 thou....problem is I can't get the shoulder bumped back. Did the adjustment like Sierra and RCBS says and bolt is still hard to close on primed but unloaded cases.....loaded rounds are hard also. Factory rounds...
  3. F

    Case trimming?

    Reloading for 308 in an sps-v. If the brass length is between 2.005 and 2.015 do you need to trim it to 2.005 or can you leave and just trim when over 2.015? I have been trimming to min. length every time and wondering if I could reduce my time by not trimming each time.
  4. zscurlock

    .50 cal press? Load? Trimming?

    Which do you prefer? The only one I can get right now is the Hornady. I am also wondering what do about trimming? I have a giraud for all other calibers. Does bmg brass grow and need to be trimmed every firing? I have 200 pieces of primed brass and wanted to get started. Will I have to size it...