1. H

    Groups hitting to the right. Trying to figure out what changed.

    BCM 5.56 upper. Was hitting PERFECTLY on target a few weeks ago and tonight when I went shooting with same ammunition I was hitting anywhere from 0.25-1.0" right consistently. This has been an issue I've had with 3 different uppers and 4 different optics so it's not my rifle. The only things...
  2. Das Capitolin

    Barrel Bedding: Yes or No (troubleshooting hot barrel vertical stringing)

    Here's the situation: I have a Savage target action with 28" Criterion bull barrel. The action is fully bedded in a H-S Precision stock using Devcon Liquid Steel, and the receiver fits perfectly. In a second phase at the barrel nut, four inches of barrel were bedded. The first 20 shots (approx)...
  3. D

    troubleshooting a gas gun

    i have a dpms lr 308 that i had a conversion done to make it an lrt sass. problem with it is that once the gun heats up it short strokes. it will still eject cartridges but the bolt doesn't come back far enough to strip a new round from the magazine. an ideas?
  4. Sterling Shooter

    Advanced Marksmanship Trouble-shooting

    Recently, I read a few threads in this section regarding shot groups. I guess, the original posters wanted to know what folks here thought about their marksmanship. In each thread the advice was mostly about what could be done to the hand-load. It seems to me, these folks, placing all of their...