1. T

    My turn to get into rimfire precision shooting!

    Haven't shot my .30-06 in a while due to really not having a range to strech it out 600+ yards... very sad. $4,000 rifle and it has been out only a few times out to 1,000 yards... well I found a private range here near me and it's a VERY VERY nice range. it's 100 yards, but no high power...
  2. S

    Too Neck Turn or Not To Neck Turn??

    Well Im tryin to figure out which new reloading equipment I should go with. This is my list Sinclair Concentricity Gauge Cabelas Tumber Kit RCBS Neck Turning Gauge RCBS 3 Way Cutttet RCBS Competion Die Set .308 Im pretty well set on the Sinclair Concentricity Gauge, and the Die Set. I...
  3. T

    Rifle Scopes S&B 4-16 X 50 FFP4 single turn

    I mounted the scope on a one peice AI mount. The mount has 18 MOA built into it. The scope mounted perfect. I took it to the range and zeroed it in. After I set the top turret to the one. I could not do a complete turn of the elevation. The elevation turret is marked 1-13 in cm clicks. It tops...
  4. H

    Rifle Scopes Owners manual for Premier double turn

    I can find the online manual for the original single turn Premier, but not the double turn. Is there one somewhere?
  5. J

    Rifle Scopes IT'S HERE!! Premier 3-15 Double Turn

    Well....here it is. I'm told it's the first publicly released one in the WORLD First impression: Crap this thing is heavy, built like a tank heavy, heavy like if someone busts through my office door I'll not hesitate to beat them with it. Second Impression: Pretty damn cool!! Been turning...
  6. krw

    Gunsmithing 223 tight neck / No Turn

    What is considered "tight neck" in a 223 remington but yet is a "no-turn" neck? Thanks krw
  7. A

    Gunsmithing 6.5X47L minimum no turn chmaber

    Aftera little info on the 6.5X47L chambers. 1. What size are your guys cutting for a minimum no turn chamber? 2. What are the loaded rounds measuring 3. What bushing are you using with no utrn brass. I have decided to give the 308 a miss, and chamber for the 6.5X47L instead! Just ballistics...