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  1. Lowlight

    Dark Theme, Mobile Theme

    For those that requested a Darker theme so the long term viewing was not too bright, we have that loaded. On the lower left corner of the forum, very bottom is a drop down that will allow you to change your theme. Also if you do not have TapaTalk on your phone or tablet, you can use the...
  2. Lowlight

    Site Information Update 3/16 Google, User Names, Site changes Read Before you ask

    Here is an updated Site Information Post for people who may have missed it the first few times. As we continue to work on the site we are slowly adding features and adjusting the system. This is to help the members have a better experience. As you can tell the site is already running better...
  3. Lowlight

    Follow User Added to Forum

    I have added the option to Follow a User... If you look at your Quick Links in the NAV BAR you'll see a Follow User option
  4. Lowlight

    Board UPDATE= Post Counts, Google Search, User Names etc.

    2-25 Board Update Post Counts - yes every single user lost posts in their count. This board software handles the information in a different way which effected everyone across the board. There is nothing to be done about it. We have re-index the search which was effective and reset a lot of...