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    %% Brass Cleaning Process, methods and timing %%

    I am trying to determine the best routine for cleaning cases. I will begin with the worst case, my plinking brass which starts its life for me as range brass. I start with a good rinsing to remove dirt and grass. I then soak them in water with a cup or so of vinegar (not an exact science.) then...
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    Dillon CV 2001 Vs, Thumbler UV 18 Vibrating tumber

    OK the Thumler UV18 has a 1/30 hp motor. Does the Dillon have a hp rating?? I cant find it. Only down side I have heard about the Dillon is it runs hot. I havent heard anything bad about the Thumlers. So which would you buy?? What are the good or the bad of both models. I get on or the other...
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    Vibrating case cleaners? Which one works for you??

    To many Vibrating cleaners to choose from. I was thing of a Lyman 2500 or a Thumlers UV18. Anyone have any experience with these??