1. DesertMonkey

    Gunsmithing Barrel Vise's

    I am looking for a very good barrel vise. Can some of you experts lend me some advise. Thanks, L.
  2. T

    Gunsmithing A good way to clean and work on actions - Vise It

    I often find that instead of using a gun stand, it's easier to just vise the barrel for cleaning or tweaking the action. Here's a pic of my bench.
  3. mjh30

    Gunsmithing Rifle Cradle/Gun Vise

    Looking to buy a rifle cradle/gun vise for cleaning, scope mounting, bedding etc. Looking at the MTM Portable Rifle-Shotgun Gun Maintenance Center ($45) the basic Tipton gun vise ($45) or the Tipton best gun vise ($100). These are just a few I saw out there, unfortunately I don't have the room...
  4. A

    Gunsmithing Need a Armalite AR10 vise jaws

    I need to find a Armalite AR10 vise jaws, upper receiver 2-pc, and plastic composite. I need one to so I can install a Daniel Defense rail; need to pull the barrel nut. I have looked high and low and can’t find one for sale. Anyone knows how I can get one. Thanks alexander66
  5. Smokin

    Gunsmithing Barrel Vise for Switch barrels?

    Having a switch barrel made for my Surgeon Action. What kind of vise and action wrench should I buy? How do I keep the vise from marring the cerakote on the barrel?