1. J

    Jumping Berger 155 VLDs?

    Doh! I had a Homer moment and bought 3 boxes of Berger 155gr VLDs instead of the 155.5 BT Fullbore bullets. So, when loaded to mag length length these bullets are about 0.100" (yes, 1/10th of an inch) OFF the lands in my 308. Is there much chance of these VLDs working well for me with this...
  2. P

    Lapua scenars & Berger VLDs

    Has anyone tried the Lapua 185g scenar in a 24in barrel 1 in 11 twist 308 at 600-1k ifso how did it compare for accuracy against the 155g Lapua scenar and the 185g berger VLD.
  3. CavTrooper

    210 Berger VLDs in a .1-10 twist 308

    Looking for info from anyone who has used the 210gr Berger VLD in the .308? Ill be shooting the stock Savage 10FP with a 1-10 twist barrel. Doing some research the Berger site shows the reccomended twist rate for their bullets gets faster the heavier the bullets go. Im hoping to push the 210gr...
  4. flopduster

    Anyone shooting 155 berger hunting vlds?

    Looking for load info with IMR 4895 or RE-15, scanned the reload depot with minimal results, mostly scenars and varget there. thanks
  5. cypriss32

    GAP 7wsm Load for 180gr VLDS?

    It has left my memory what george shoots, 62 or 62.5grs H4831SCC with 180gr VLDS.