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  1. Dvando20

    M40A1, did they tack weld the BDL box?

    Working on a M40A1 clone. Somebody mentioned that the armorers in Quantico would tack weld the BDL magazine box directly to the action. Is this true? If so, what locations around the box did they weld them? My action has the screw hole for the ADL retention screw, but I cannot find a BDL box...
  2. T

    eye relief? cheek weld?

    Thanks for all your help on the flinching issue guys. Good suggestions all. Now, I have another question for you. I'm having a problem aligning my eye with the scope. I do have a carlsten cheek piece,lined up and tight. I get the right sight picture for a moment then, the shadows being to appear...
  3. T

    Rifle Scopes JB weld for bedding HS?

    I have a H-S rifle. I am thinking of JB welding the action to the stock with no release agent? I will tighten to 60 inch pounds. The action and barrel are stainless. Has anyone done this?
  4. usmc7980

    Gunsmithing How to tig weld a bolt handle?

    So in doing some projects at work and some bolt knob conversions with the Tac Ops kit and I welding the stud to the handle I've become fairly comfortable with tig welding, and now I'm wondering what is involved in tig welding the handle onto the bolt body? Prep work, where to weld and any other...
  5. Sterling Shooter

    Advanced Marksmanship Stock Weld & Follow Through

    Consistent stock weld and follow through are essential to good shooting, the former, assures perspective of aim has a corollary to the rifle's zero; and, the latter, assures recoil is contained within an appointed limit. Yet, from reading posts here for several years, I've not noticed this...