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    Gunsmithing WIlliams "old style" bottom metal and the .223

    Does anyone run a .223 with the old style Williams bottom metal? Just wondering if the short follower spring fits without issue. Thanks.
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    Gunsmithing Williams ST (short tactical) bottom metal?

    Guys, I've found a guy with one of these for sale. He say's it was originally produced for McMillan to replace the Model 70 stuff on the M40A1. My question is, is this bottom metal just the pre Oberndorf design or is it physically unique? This is what he has said about it. "I have a Williams...
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    Gunsmithing Inletting Williams Bottom Metal

    Bought some used metal from a member and inletted it to my 5R stock. It was ~1/4" longer in the front to I needed to extent that area of the stock and widen the rear of the mag well area just a bit. It slips in nicely and seems to sit on the pillars well. Torqued the metal down just as with...
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    Williams bottom metal

    Anybody have experience and pics? I did search and only found limited info. All I know is that it is a drop in most of the time. Likes and dislikes would be appreciated as well as pics. Thanks
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    Gunsmithing Rem BDL inlet vs Williams in a McMillan

    Does anyone have means to snap a picture of Remington issue BDL bottom metal sitting in a McMillan stock that has been inlet for Williams bottom metal? Thanks.