1. jrivera1

    Fire Forming - 50DTC EDM for my M96 Windrunner.

    It's my first time re-loading 50DTC. I created this worksheet where I placed all the important numbers and fire forming procedures. I am waiting for the rifle in order to get the Chamber Neck Length… If anyone has any constructive criticism, I would really appreciate it. Thank you...
  2. M4guru

    EDM Windrunner SS99 .408 Cheytac question

    Hello everyone,thanks in advance for some assistance. A friend is offering me an EDM Windrunner he no longer has the desire to own. It is an earlier built rifle, with the box and all factory accessories. He has put 50 rounds through it, meticulously documented and the rifle is in excellent...
  3. J

    windrunner tube conversion Thought I would post this to let you know it exist in the for sale section.
  4. D

    opinons of edm windrunner

    whats your thoughts on the edm windrunner ? is the .338 the same action as the .50. how accurate are they?
  5. M

    408 windrunner vs 338 lapua

    hey got a good deal on a 408 cheytac edm windrunner but was curious if it really has the capabilities advertised 2500 meters. unless this cartridge can run circles around my 338 lapua i dont want to waste the money to simply go another 200 yards.
  6. RollingThunder51

    Photos Nemesis Windrunner

    Here is the five shots in under 1 minute, .308 out of a 16" barrel by David Ives of Nemesis Arms. The video is posted out in the rifle threads somewhere recently. The actual ranged distance in the facility turned out to be just over 188 yards (targets are all preprinted).
  7. N

    Nemesis Arms Windrunner .308 Accuracy Video

    Below is the Video link to the Nemesis Arms Windrunner Model 06 .308's Accuracy. The rifle used in the test has a 16 inch barrel w/muzzle brake. The shots were taken between 175 and 200 yards.
  8. N

    Photos Nemesis Arms Windrunner Model 06 .308

    Nemesis Arms Windrunner .308 that fits in a briefcase or backpack. The Windrunner is a bolt action with a 5 shot Mag, adjustable stock and cheek rest. This recoils the same as a .223 when used with the muzzle brake. These are a custom rifle from top to bottom.
  9. D

    Gunsmithing windrunner rebarrel

    I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions as the best route to go on rebarreling a windrunner 50. Thanks
  10. J

    pic of guy smacked in face with windrunner

    I saw this post a while back and have run a couple differnt searches but can not find the post Can someone please post or pm me a link? Thanks, Jim
  11. S

    anybody have a nemesis arms windrunner

    wondering if anybody has a nemesis .308 windrunner take down or has shot one. thinking strongly about getting one and looking for feed back thanks, Dave
  12. RollingThunder51

    Nemesis Windrunner packed in a backpack

    Here are some shots of the production backpack provided as an option for the Nemesis. As mentioned in the large thread, this includes a custom made insert and the "back support" inner layer. Seen first at The Sniper's Hide: Let me know what you think. Packed to Go: Deployed : Details of...
  13. RollingThunder51

    * - Mini Windrunner - Nemesis Arms Model 06

    I contemplated adding the following on to the thread concerning tspearsrph’s experience as of late with his Mini Windrunner, but felt that his message of top flight customer service should stand alone, and as such, I’ll start fresh. I promised you people some shots of the mini windrunner, the...