1. Y

    Range Report 6XC or 243 Win or 243 WSSM?

    Shooting 115 grain bullets........ The 6XC is creating a good buzz. Kind of a hassle to form. Needs a long 28" barrel and has to be hotrodded to be at peak. The 243 Win is winning some matches. But why not the 243 WSSM? I'm thinking overlooked potential here. The speedier of the three with a...
  2. RidgeRebel

    WSSM uppers

    Anybody have one of the Olympic arms WSSM uppers? I think if they shoot as well as they claim they wouldn't be a bad choice for hunting. I just wonder how they function? Any thoughts?
  3. T

    6.5 wssm anybody?

    I have been looking at all these really cheap winchester and browning wssm rifles that dealers are blowing out and trying to think what I could build on them. the 6.5wssm is all I could come up with. has anybody tried this or no anybody who has. thanks scott
  4. BgBmBoo

    .223 WSSM ..anyone reloading for one?

    Well now that I have started down the road of reloading...I decided I want a new rifle that will be really fun to reload for. I have my eyes on a Cooper in .223WSSM. Yep...I know...a barrel burner,etc. But what is life without a little hot rod shooting now and again? So...anyone here have...
  5. 264win

    243 wssm info ?

    anyone have any pet long range loads ? will a 1-8 stabilize the 115 dtac ? this will be my first super short mag and will be paper and steel not hunting , so any help would be great , thanks adam
  6. R

    Hunting & Fishing .243 wssm?

    Anybody hunt with a .243 wssm? Got a chance to get a Winchester coyote for a pretty good deal, but haven't ever shot one. Ballistics look pretty good. Just wanted some opinions from somebody that actually has one.
  7. H

    Gunsmithing AR-15 WSSM conversion mag question w/ SOLUTION!!!

    I'm building a 243 WSSM and the factory AR-15 (NOT AR-10 ) mags are modified in the following way... The Mag catch hole is raised by .080 in. (lowers the lips by this amount because the bolt & carrier is different/larger diameter). All the other mods done to the mags I can easily do in my...