1. P

    Rifle Scopes 2.5-10x24 FC2 Versus NP-1 for feral Pig shooting

    What reticle would be best for this kind of shooting in your guys opinions. Rifle will be an AIA M10 B1 .308 (Modernized Lee Enfield). Sought of would not mind trying the FC2 and reckon it would work really well on pigs etc.
  2. M

    New LRB M25 with S&B 1.1-4x24

    Just finished a LRB M25 with a S&B 1.1-4x25 FD9 I look forward to getting it out to the range Then the field next weekend!! merlinn merlinn
  3. M

    Rifle Scopes Advise on S&B 1.1-4x24

    I am thinking of putting a S&B 1.1-4x24 Flashdot scope on a LRB M25 (M1A). It will primarily be used hunting boar. How versatile is this scope? Does anyone have one mounted on a M14 M1A, how does it work out? Is the S&B worth the price over the other 1-4 type scopes? Thanks, merlinn
  4. christian77

    Rifle Scopes NF 2.5-10x24 compact

    Can someone point me in the right direction to find a friggin Butler Creek scope cap for this thing (the objective)...I can't find one anywhere!!! Thanks! -dk