1. Turbwhistle

    Dillon xl650

    Hello, i am new to reloading and have the opportunity to pick up a dillon xl650 for a decent price. My concern is reloading sub moa rifle rounds, it seems like the dillon doesnt have an extremely precise powder system. That being said the 650 would be good for reloading 9mm, 45acp, 300bo, 556...
  2. dcbiii

    Inline Fabrications Ultramount Press Riser Review

    Hey guys, Long time lurker here, not sure if I've ever posted, but I am on the site all the time. I greatly appreciate it when I read about a product that I would otherwise have no idea about, and especially so when it's supplemented with good pictures and details. Some background: I am an...
  3. Jumper

    Best source for a Dillon XL650?

    I need a better progressive press for 10mm, 40S&W, 357SIG and 9mm. I've settled on the Dillon XL650 with a nod to the Hornady LnL AP. Can anyone recommend a good online source for the Dillon? Also what accessories do I need and what can I do without? Thanks.
  4. sniper7mm

    Dillon XL650 ?

    I have a question for those with one of these. I want to build a stand alone bench just for this away from my single stage press. I ordered the strong mount option. What would a good height be to build the bench? I will do most of my loading from a standard height office chair. I figured someone...