1. N

    Will I be able to zero at 100 meters?

    Hi guys I have a new scope with a 20 MOA mount on its way. I'm currently shooting 300 meters primarily but want to go further - all the way out to 1000m. Which is why i ordered the SPUHR mount with 20 MOA rather than a 0 MOA (which I currently run on my old optic) I've gone ahead and ordered a...
  2. T

    Help w/ Zeroing Irons on a 16" Barrel .308, using the MBUS Pro LR Sights

    I'm planning to zero my rifle tomorrow afternoon, maybe you can help? I'm using only irons tomorrow since I haven't an optic yet. These are my BUIS on an AR platform in .308 caliber. Will be using the Magpul MBUS Pro LR rear/front. Will likely shoot FGMM 168 gr. or other match grade. My plan is...
  3. SonoranArmament

    Bore sighting and break in for precision rifle

    Hey everyone! I’m getting my YouTube channel up and rolling. I did a little video on how I bore sight and break in my precision rifles. There are a lot of different break in procedures done out there, but this one seems to work for me. Check out the video and let me know what ya think!
  4. MisterOrange

    Targets for load development

    I know, I know, there's a million choices already. But I wasn't 100% happy with anything I've found yet. I had the time this morning, so I drew one up. I designed the target the way I want it, with the aiming point being the tippy top of the triangle. One inch line going up from the tip, half...
  5. BigBrother

    Rifle Scopes Bizarre zeroing with a Mark 4 M1 3.5-10x...

    Hey all- hope nobody minds my outpouring of posts recently- just trying to narrow some stuff down so I can finally go out and shoot this season I had a real pain in the ass trying to find the culprit behind a zeroing problem with my rig (just search for my posts- some of the threads go on and...
  6. Shooter606

    Range Report help needed with zeroing.

    ok today me and the boys took a couple new sps .308's to zero at our range. we got my friends sps tactical zeroed in about 5 shots. mine was a little left, we adjusted and got it close but it seemed like most of the day i was left. please realize that im new to LR shooting and mil-dot scopes. ok...
  7. RobG

    Rifle Scopes Question on zeroing canted base

    Couldn't find anything by searching so, with a 20 moa base should I go down 20 moa on the scope before shooting? Going out to zero/test in the a.m. and do not want to waste too many rounds trying to zero. Thanks
  8. K

    Range Report 200 yards, no zeroing

    Shot this at 200 yards without Zeroing my scope. I took it off to Cerakote it, then put it back on and shot this. No boresighting, nothin Did use a torque wrench though. Seekins Rings and base! 5-10mph right wind, breezy Hats off to Seekins Rings and Bases!
  9. T

    Need help zeroing my lyman 500 beam scale

    I know this is not rocket science so maybe my scale is defective or I'm just doing something wrong. Here is what the kit came with. It has a silver tray, copper colored try, and a weight that does not indicate what weight it is??? So I put on he copper colored tray per instructions and have both...