30 m2 ap rounds


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Feb 6, 2009
asheville nc
I just inheireted about 240 30-06 ap rounds from the denver ordinance plant. they are black tiped ap round with head stamps den 43. Gramps gave me these for the brass to neck down and reprime for my 25-06. I have seen that some of these old mil type rounds can fetch a good price, my ? is am I better off selling them or going through the process of working the brass for my 25-06.the old mil corrosive primers can be a bitch to deal with, and if I can fetch a good price per box of 20 wouldn't I be better off buying current 25-06 rounds and then reloading them???


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Jul 11, 2008
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Re: 30 m2 ap rounds

If you sell them just make sure it is legal to do so in your state as AP rounds are illegal to own in some places .
You don't know who's hands they will end up in.
I think I would just pull the bullets and use the cases if the brass is still good that is.
Old ammo can suffer from age hardening so it would be a good idea to anneal the necks and shoulder area before any neck reduction or straight after before any firing which ever works best. Otherwise neck splitting can result.
You would be better off with new ammo for sure . If you can sell the AP ammo without legal risk.