1. S

    Gunsmithing steel casing for ar-15 rounds jamming

    I have recently purchased my 1st ar-15 rifle, DPMS Panther. I was shooting Wolf ammunition which was steel-cased and after only 6 rounds the rifle jammed w/ a live round in the receiver. I was able to extract the round w/ help from DPMS's tech's over the phone. They said not to use the steel...
  2. P

    Most productive way to expend 50 handgun rounds.

    Times are tough, money is tight, blah. I figure most handgun ammo comes 50 to a box, so I want to base a practice COF off that. I have been looking a different drills and stuff to get an idea of what one should look like. I mixed/mangled a couple together tonight to try out. Here is what I did...
  3. U

    Gunsmithing 7mm RSUM Barrel Burn out 570 Rounds

    A friend of mine burned his 7 mm RSUM barrel out in 570 rounds the bore scoped photos look like a 6.5 x 284 barrel after 1000 rounds, stress cracking etc. He is thinking about a coating. Salt-bath nitrocarburizing by Melonite, nitride coating or it has been suggested by several metallurgists...
  4. ChadTRG42

    50 BMG subsonic rounds

    Anyone have any good subsonic loads for the 50 BMG? I've found a few, but was curious on some with other bullets. Thanks! Chad
  5. K

    Ruger SR-556 2 days, 1k rounds hmmmm

    So got home from Iraq for a few days. While there had momma pick me up a Ruger SR556. Gotta say, its not a bad little rig, but its not the complete package. The rifle itself is smooth, I was looking for another XCR when I ran accross this and am glad I picked it up to try out. A couple...
  6. G

    5.56 Long-Range Rounds

    Hi fellas, This is my first post here....Thanks for letting me in the door I have a Rock River 5.56 AR15 that I have setup for a (relatively) long-range shooter (see pic HERE ). I currently have the 1-9 twist 16" RR barrel still on the rifle (it's a long wait for a new barrel :(). Since I...
  7. B

    .308 subsonic rounds?? How do you do it????

    Does anyone have any info on how to make a .308 subsonic round to run through a CAN. I am using SMK BTHP 175 gr. for my regular loads w/ RL 15 powder and CCI BR-2 primers. Can I use the supplies that I already have or do I need different powder, bullets, primers???? Any help would be...
  8. A

    How many rounds do you have through your 308?

    Just figured I'd post this for an many rounds do you have through your 308? Custom tube or no?? Any decrease in accuracy so far? Just trying to get an idea of 308 win. barrel life. Alan
  9. R

    Bullets were fine, now keyholing after 150 rounds?

    Anyone ever have this happen before? I've been shooting 105 AMAX bullets from my factory Rem 700 .243 with 26" 1:9.125 twist barrel since I got it and they seemed fine, but after about 150 rounds through it, I had a few keyholes with the starting loads of retumbo which were fine before. Some...
  10. RollingThunder51

    Photos One Hole - Two Rounds.

    When David Ives had the chance to go to the range with a customer last week to shoot one of the new rifles, this customer was no stranger to the Windrunner Model 06. He was actually the very same person that was responsible for loaning the Nemesis to the Marine Snipers at the Mountain Warfare...
  11. bohem

    Tumbling loaded rounds to clean sizing lubricant

    I've heard very negative things can happen when you tumble loaded rounds. Not from them "going off" in the tumbler, but because the tumbling action can act as a mill and change the powder, instead of a rod powder you can end up with a fine ball dust powder adn the burn rate is extremely high...
  12. Ratbert

    6.5x55 Swede dummy rounds

    Can anyone out there make me 2 or 3 6.5x55 Swede dummy rounds? I'm trying to get my ducks in a row to get the DTA SRS setup for this chambering, but I'd like to make sure the mags and bolt are going to function properly before I invest in dies and a box of brass. If money motivates you, I'll...
  13. H

    Reloading 284 Win rounds long ?

    If I take a 6.5X284 Norma brass made by Lapua, enlarge the neck for 7mm bullets and load the round at around 3.10" inches, what kind of reloading dies should one use ? The case body length from base to the 2nd neck junction is 48,20mm for the 6.5X284 Norma brass and 47,88mm for the 284 Win...
  14. CDiPrecision

    Suppressors Local SO has cool 00 Buck rounds..

    I was talking with a Sheriff friend of mine last night and he showed me his Short barreled shotgun, and the rounds they have. 12Ga 00 Buck, 8 pellets, and they apparently have netting or membrane around the pellets. This holds them together till they impact(No spreadout). I don't remember what...
  15. Foul Mike

    Old rimfire rounds found in my field

    I am not sure as to where I should post this. You guys in rimfire seem to me to be the more dedicated followers of helping people like me so I will put my post here. I do archaeological research in my local area and have in the past been more interested in lithic, {made from rocks or stone}...
  16. Ghillie Zen

    22 LR subsonic rounds

    I've been using Remington's 22 subs for awhile now. Performance is okay for a sub-round, but I'd like to find something with a heavier grain. Any suggestions?

    30 m2 ap rounds

    I just inheireted about 240 30-06 ap rounds from the denver ordinance plant. they are black tiped ap round with head stamps den 43. Gramps gave me these for the brass to neck down and reprime for my 25-06. I have seen that some of these old mil type rounds can fetch a good price, my ? is am I...
  18. cypriss32

    Gunsmithing Issues with going from WSM to 308 rounds on a M70

    Traded my bolt off my M70 WSM for a standered bolt face one. Wondering if there are any issues in this transition. I currently feed from AICS mags and CDI bottom metal. I will be keeping it that way. Any issues I should expect?
  19. Zak Smith

    Range Report First rounds from the Accuracy International AW50

    The first time I saw the Accuracy International AW50 in person was at the 2005 TACPRO Sniper Tournament, where we shot the TACPRO demo gun with and without the suppressor and as part of one of the stages. ............... Larger version of above photo. I've owned several 50's in the past...
  20. R

    Help, 300 WM low recoil rounds

    Would anyone know how to make low recoil rounds ? so far most of my load are good and shoot fine. i'm trying to find a load that has less recoil. Remington sells boxed ammo that are managed recoil. link is: