308 vs. 6.5 Creed in 16 inch lightweight bolt gun for mountain trekking


rocket surgeon
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Jun 1, 2010
Folks are having great luck on game with the 147 eldm down to 1800 fps. That's 600 ish with a 16" 6.5 CM.

Good luck finding a bullet that will carry that velocity past 475 or so with a 308. Velocity will suck with any decently high BC bullet. plus recoil will be a factor in a lighter weight rifle.

You definitely want the 6.5, if not a 6mm or 22 creedmoor.
I’m shooting 155 scenars easily out of my 18” .308 TRG @2860 fps (1930 [email protected]). Either round will work, I like the .308 especially hunting inside of 600 yds.