A Practical Bolt Gun for Budget Minded 700 SPS AAC SD


Aug 15, 2013
I was thinking there must be this question out there.,.... A rig that isn't over the top but a rifle that doesn't compromise quality...This is my version of not a budget but a practical rig that fits all around uses. Frankly I don't like using the "Sniper Rifle" Buzz Phrase.... However it's what many look for. Perhaps we can over time change that... As I don't appreciate the media referring to ARs as assault Weapons.

Anyhow here it is.

"Budget Sniper Rifle" 700 SPS - YouTube

Bell Carlson Stock, Badger Ordinance 0 cant rail, SWFA 6 x 42 ss Scope, CDI Bottom metal with AI Magazines, Smith Ent Good Iron Brake,

opinions Welcome