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  1. S

    AR style stock for rem 700???

    A while ago I saw stock on here that was like a tube gun "stock" really more of a chassis but took ar furniture. It had a rifle length free float rail that the barrel wasnt centered vertaily in and some people griped about. I think my memory is right but am probaly wrong. Anybody point me in...
  2. PLeighton

    Bullet Style Choices

    Please forgive me if this topic has been covered at length in a different thread. I did a search with no success. Due to shortages and whatnot, I have started to consider other projectiles other than the standard 175 grain SMK that I currently use. This led me to ponder the differences between...
  3. S

    CZ 452 Style

    I have just purchased a CZ 452 Style last Friday and I would like to ask for opinions and recommendation as to what products/which products (rings, etc... Burris Signature rings maybe?) I need to get a SWFA SS 10X scope on this baby. Also a recommendation for a bipod would also be needed (Harris...
  4. rc2125

    Gunsmithing Jewell trigger, remove the rem style bolt release?

    Have a jewell trigger with the rem style bolt release. Got a new action with a side bolt release. I know what happens when taking rem triggers apart, but would hate for this jewell to go "boing" when taking out the two large pivot pins, to remove the bolt release deal. Anyone ever successfully...
  5. W

    Rifle Scopes 1913 or Weaver style rail mounts

    I've got an idea, and need a couple of weaver or 1913 style clamps. Think a US Optics non folding level w/o the level. Anybody know if a source?
  6. galveston22

    Rifle Scopes Weaver style rings with my Picatinny style base?

    http://www.midwayusa.com/viewProduct/?productNumber=113796 and http://www.midwayusa.com/viewProduct/?productNumber=346104 Can I use these together?
  7. H

    Rifle Scopes RE:Bell & Carlson A5 Style

    Does anyone have an opinion or experience with this stock? I'm about to buy one for a tactical weapon know that bell & carson is on the lower end but the stock specs look pretty good.
  8. 199thINF

    Bell & Carlson A3 Hook Style Tactical Medalist

    Anyone had any experience with this specific stock? Any feedback would be appreciated.
  9. shankster..

    Maggie’s How To Get Out Of Jury Duty Montana Style

    From what I hear, the judge was not impressed.
  10. shooter65

    From today's match SoCal style...

    http://www.calguns.net/calgunforum/showthread.php?t=179958 APS – 22LR Tac / Prec Match Results 05-02-09 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- APS – 22LR Tac / Prec Match Results 05-02-09 Here are the results from today’s match. My report will be...
  11. Irelander

    AI style stock for 10/22

    Have you guys seen this yet... AI style stock for Ruger 10/22 I gotta have one...
  12. D

    Gunsmithing Add a Win style 3pos safety to Rem?

    I saw a rifle that sold on here that had one, and it really intreagued me. Could some of you that have this weigh in on what you think and why you did it. If you could also give some insight to how fitting the safety and trigger is different than a Rem style, that would be great too. Thanks, Duke.
  13. B

    Gunsmithing Standared barrel in varmit style stock.

    Im looking at buying a varmit style stock so the barrel will be a little small for the barrle groove what can I do to fill it in and make it look better.
  14. krink85

    Gunsmithing Old style Rem trigger question

    I have an old style rem trigger that is givving me a slight problem. At the begining of the pull there is creep. It is the same ammount everytime as far as I can tell. I have adjusted the trigger to eliminate this but to no avail. With that being said the trigger breaks nice and clean...
  15. H

    Gunsmithing I need help building an AR style rifle

    I want to build a new upper to my existing AR platform. What parts do I need and how do I know what sizes, diameters, and other measurements to get? I want to use a stag arms upper assembly (left handed). I know I need a gas block and the gas tube, but what else do I need? Basically, I need...
  16. T

    Custom Camo... Krylon style

    this past weekend i painted my stick 3 times. this shit is too fun! and addictive. well i'm out of krylon and the old lady said no more so this will be the last time for a while (untill i can scrape enough cash together to get it gunkoted) I don't have the balls to paint my scope so i will...
  17. TDH

    Rifle Scopes Please recommend optic for 20" 308 AR style rifle.

    I have a POF P-308 with the 20" fluted barrel. For those unfamiliar with the rifle its an AR styled semi-auto 308 with a Mike Rock fluted barrel. I've got it set up with a nice bipod up front and monopod on the rear with the geieselle trigger. I will most likely shoot from 100-600 yards with the...
  18. Rolex24

    Range time "tactical" rimfire style

    First of all I'd like to say hi. I'm new to the hide and tactical rimfire and thought you guys would enjoy the following. My buddy got me hooked on this long range .22 stuff after reading Desertfrogs story on 6mmBR.com. I've since acquired his MPR and he's replaced it with a 64 Biathalon...
  19. J

    Fieldcraft Camo tape your rifle: British style.

    Does any body know what brand of tape do British snipers apply to their rifle? where to find sany? Thanks http://img229.imageshack.us/img229/5937/hquktf2008266059ap0.jpg