Any HVAC guys on here?


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Aug 9, 2006
Indianapolis, IN
My heat pump is in the middle of it's dying twitches. I've had it recharged twice in the last month and I'm guessing it'll crap out again soon. Had a local company come out and provide me with an estimate for a replacement system and they're recommending a Lennox 14HPX 036 unit.

I just finished reading some reviews of this unit online and it doesn't seem to have many fans. Looking for some educated opinions, I don't want to spend $5000 + on another crap unit that won't keep my home comfortable.


Re: Any HVAC guys on here?

I'm sure you'll hear from someone more versed than myself, but it has been my experience that the actions and procedures of the installer are at least as important as the equipment manufacturing standards.

My guy would have nothing to do with my existing cheap duct system 5 years ago when I upgraded. He ripped it all out and put in a system designed by him from the ground up. He also made sure that the gas systems were clean and free of contaminates throughout.

The equipment was American Standard and it has been flawless, save one circuit board failure, which was an easy fix.

I'm not a big fan of heat pumps, preferring a dual fuel system of natural gas heat and electric AC.

I hear the geothermals are nice, if you can afford the up-front costs.