Anyone remember the E-Tronx


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Going through Dad’s stuff the other day and found a 220 Swift E-Tronx 700. Got me thinking that the concept had merit from a technical and engineering standpoint but like most things it was a solution to a problem that didn’t really exist. I swear big green messes up more things then it gets right. I don’t recall shooting it growing up and couldn’t find any ammo in the house for it either. All he recalls is that it was a quick fading gimmick and he had a hard time finding ammo. I plan to get some on GB and see what it’s about.
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Mar 28, 2014
Victoria, TX
I remember the paper ads for them and a few people commenting on the idea. At the time when most saw electronics being added to things as just more stuff to fuck up and good luck getting it fixed.
Plus the little key that was needed to unlock it to work.

Electronics of the time were a “do not bump, do not drop, don’t ever get them wet even just a little.” To trust such a thing on your firearm out in the field and adverse elements just defied common logic.
Plus the whole notion that your rifle might actually need to be used to protect ones life and go bang right then that second, just wasn’t something most were willing to bet on with some electronic control.

The concept was neat with increased speed of lock/ignition time being touted to improve accuracy. But in hindsight putting the resources into just building a quality straight rifle to begin with would have accomplished more toward that goal.
But we live in the time of cut corners and sales gimmicks as the current business model.