Anyone sized 338 Lapua on Harrell "Magnum" press?


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Oct 24, 2011
Austin, TX
I am adding .338 Lapua to my repertoire, and I know my Harrell 4-hole turret press won;t work for it (too short a throat opening, and possibly not strong enough too?).

The Harrell brothers offer a single station press in 3 sizes, the largest of which, their "Magnum" size, is large enough and by virtue of the name, obviously designed for use with Magnum cartidges. Price is not that bad, about $160.

I like the idea of that press, as it is very similar in appearance and type to my existing Harrell, and is very compact, which is important as my wife and I fulltime RV.

But, has anyone here ever actually had or used one? How did it work for you?

Jim G


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Oct 17, 2011
Somewhere down in TX
Re: Anyone sized 338 Lapua on Harrell "Magnum" press?

I have a Harrell and love it. I do all my resizing and case prep and large volume loading at home with more conventional Forester/Dillon/etc. I do the vast majority of charging and seating and load development at the range and my Harrell gets the nod there. I have the model that has a 3 9/16" opening and I can reasonably easily seat bullets as long as I insert the bullet up in the seater before I put my 338 case in the holder. I don't know if it would have all the leverage necessary for FL resizing though. Good luck!