Athlon Cronus Tactical Spotter + PVS27


Tactical Bagpiper
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Feb 17, 2017
Concord, NH
Up at Newfound Lake for a week off from work (at least an attempt) and figured I would share some photos of my night spotter setup. Last pic is my view from the front porch over the water through a PVS14.

Not as slick as @Eliteuas new Mk4 setup, but the Athlon Cronus Tactical spotter with the KDG Hub allows me to see with my PVS 27 on a moonless night to 1200+ yards pretty easy. I have some arca attached to the Hub so I can put some picatinny out front for the 27.

Scope is set to x10 zoom, cranked up to x15 for one of the pics at 859 yards. IR comparisons courtesy of a Zenitco Perst 3 with zoom at 7x for 859 yards and 10x for 1257 yards.

Range confirmed with a Silencerco Radius.

The pics from my old Galaxy 6 don't do it justice. It would be easy to see a man size or smaller target at 859 without the illuminator and still doable at 1257 without it as well.


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