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Aurora day/night scope


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Feb 23, 2012
I found this older scope called an Aurora day/night scope. I have no experience with them and only thing I know about these are Ive seem them mounted on foreign weapons years ago.
Not very much info on these things.

Anybody have any experience or knowledge with these units?

The eyepeice comes off and the NV unit attaches on/vice versa. The scope itself feels like a hakko/low scope.
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Thank you sir,

Thats quite more info than I expected. I see what these were selling for also which was my next question.
BTW I have two of these.
They were originally designed by ITT but the ITT design used thread on optics which was not ideal. ITT was LE only.

Back in the day Gale McMillan told me he created the VisionsMaster series of these with a 2-10x56mm and 6-16-80mm model which used the quick connect pin (major improvement) out of frustration with ITT policies.. I am not sure if he was working with Seiler Instruments on these.

Over the years I had two of the VisionMaster 2-10x56mm units and one of the 6-16x80mm units. I have said in past write ups it was a love hate thing. All of mine had exposed turrets which I did not like, but the main problem in my opinion was that the crosshairs were to thin. When looking into dark areas it was hard to make out the crosshairs. Most times the design also required the introduction of additional IR illumination which was not really a problem. In fact the eye shine made it easier to kill the predators. The 6-16x80mm unit was a boat anchor and I hated it. Each time I sold a 2-10 I regretted it.

Seiler continued making these and they were rebranded as the Aurora. They are no longer on the Seiler site so I think production is done from them.

I have no knowledge about the 830 model that THEIS mentioned above.

ATN made a similar unit and as I understand it it had an illuminated reticle, not sure if it was NV compatible.

As we know Clip-Ons became all the rage but I think these scopes are still cool and if someone would have made some additional improvements, like a thicker reticle or an illuminated NV compatible reticle or dot it would have made the scope so much better.

The last few I saw go were in the $2k-3k range. Someone has a couple of the older ITT units up on ebay for what I think is to high of a price.
Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge of this scope!
Almost seems worth hanging on to just for the historical and coolness factor.

I might add in this day and age of garbage NVDs all over the place this unit has a impressive NV tube with nearly zero blems even by todays standards.