Rifle Scopes Barrett EX Ring Review Readers Diguest Version


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Mar 14, 2005
Kansas City MO
Ok, I think I am about a eon behind on doing an eval on some Ex Rings that Scott provided. I will add pics later tonight and some more comments. I will say these rings are a perfect option for scopes on the DTA's. They put it at the same height as their proprietary unimount system.

However, just to say..the rings are world class in all aspects. I didn't get a chance nor would I blow them up like Lowlight does but I had them on my DTA 338 and sighted it in on paper and went home. I was leaving work and heading to the range to finish final tuning for an up coming elk hunt last fall and was involved in a head on crash when some asshat cut into my lnte to avoid another accident. So to say the truck, myself and the gun were really subjected to some really bad forces and thrown around a lot (yes had seat belt on). When I was able to get the rifle back to the range the point of impact hadn't changed. The DTA, the Ex rings and the Horusvision Hawk all three were right where I left them before the accident. Lets say I love all three products. The elk is in the freezer. More pics to follow.