Belding and Mull Powder measure


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May 12, 2006
The Big Country
Chargemaster keypad quit working and have yet to send it back for repair, so picked up a Belding and Mull Powder measure off Ebay. Gotta say I'm impressed. Have used it with 7828, Varget, RL15 IMR-4895 and Tac. The WORST it has done is with 7828, which has about as big kernels as anything out there, and it easily held within .2gr, most of the time, less. With Ramshot Tac, charge to charge variation is less than .1gr. I don't have the micrometer charge tube yet, something I intend to remedy, but once you get it set, works it throws as consistently as my Chargemeaster and is much quicker.

Montana Valley Arms is now remanufacturing a version of the B&M, and from their pictures, it looks to be a little more refined. Might have to try one of those out too...



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Nov 16, 2006
Central Missouri
Those powder measures are excellent. I have had one for many years, and find it to very accurate, especially when the micrometer powder tube is used. The only thing I would caution you with is keep an eye on the glass reservoir cover. They have a bad tendency of cracking. If it does crack, replace it with a thin piece of plexiglass, and you won't have any issue any longer.