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bullet Weight for a DPMS Lite Hunter .243 20" 1-10

The Rat 71505

Full Member
Dec 29, 2013
Just bought a new DPMS Lite Hunter .243 with a 20" 1-10 twist barrel.

I haven't shot the gun yet. Just wondering what you guys think about bullets for it.

Looking to hunt coyotes and deer, how heavy/light of a bullet can I shoot out of it accurately?

I haven't tried 100gr, but 95s were grouping inside a 50¢ piece, and 105s were a LOT bigger group. This was out of a 700 youth (20" 10-1/8"twist). So, depending on size of dear, I'd stick to 95s and under.

I shoot the 87grn V-max out of mine, not the best bullet for deer but it's killed it's fair share.