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  1. R8EDPG4

    SOLD Hornady Bullet / Headspace Comparator Kit

    $70 Shipped NIB Hornady Headspace Comparator Kit and Bullet Comparator Kit & Basic Insert Set. Free shipping to lower 48. Payment is Zelle or PP FF Part Numbers HK66 B234
  2. R8EDPG4

    Reloading Equipment Lee Classic Cast Single W/ Inline Fab QC Mount & Case Ejector

    $300 USD SHIPPED All items are NIB. Selling as a package. -Lee Precision Classic Cast Single Stage Press -Inline Fabrication Tall Ultra Mount W Quick Change Base -Inline Fabrication #17 Quick Change Plate -Inline Fabrication Case Ejector System W Side Bins (Bin Barriers Not Included) Payment...
  3. Near miss

    The best bullet for AR

    Hello, Can we discuss about what is absolutely the best bullet for AR use? Because this is -slightly- subjective, by best I mean a bullet that: -is seatable to a mag length (2.250 to 2.260) -carries much energy on target -deflects wind well -does not drop much. -more points if it has good...
  4. Mg427

    SOLD Price Lowered - Nosler Custom Competition Bullets 30 Cal (308 Diameter) 220 Grain Hollow Point Boat Tail

    Nosler Custom Competition Bullets 30 Caliber (308 Diameter) 220 Grain Hollow Point Boat Tail Sealed 4 box of 100 ct. Price is $65 each. inclusive of US shipping. I accept PayPal F&F discreet or USPS money orders (No Zelle or Venmo). PM me with any questions. Paypal FF or add 3%
  5. pickinjim

    Berger 215

    So. Seems the Berger 215H has an almost cult like following. I've just completed a 300 WM build and will be looking to build an inventory of bullets. I have 208's and 205's but wondering if the 215's are really that much better. They are nearly impossible to find at a sane price. Will be...
  6. NHA1988

    Reloading Equipment 45 ACP - Dies - Bullets & Brass

    185gr Hornady HAP - qty. 950 - $130 + Shipping Once Fire Processed Brass (Mixed Head-stamp) - qty. 1,100 - $75 + Shipping Hornady Taper Crimp 3 die set 45 ACP - $20 + Shipping
  7. The4GunGuy

    Ammo Barnes 6.5mm (.264) Match Burner Bullets (600 total)

    Changing calibers. 600 total Barnes .264 Match Burner bullets. One lot of 400 and one lot of 200. $230 shipped to lower 48 states. Paypal friends and family only please. Thank you.
  8. Dalmore

    SOLD SOLD 6.5mm 140gr Berger Bullets - Hybrid Target & VLD Target

    Hi, I've got one 100ct box each of: - 140gr 6.5mm Berger Target Hybrids (Part# 26414) SOLD - 140gr 6.5mm Berger VLD Target (Part# 26401) SOLD Target hybrid box is open but hasn't been touched and all 100 are there. VLD target box is sealed. $60 each shipped CONUS Thanks!
  9. The4GunGuy


    2 UNOPENED BOXES HORNADY 6.5MM 100GR ELD-MATCH BULLETS QTY:100 EA, 200 TOTAL #26100 .264" SAME LOT # 2192399 Sorry it's so expensive but this is what I paid, not gouging. $105.00 shipped to lower 48 states. PayPal Friend and Family only.
  10. CraigT

    Reloading Equipment Hornady 32 XTP 85 Gr

    Hornady 32 Cal XTP #32070 2 boxes of 100 never opened. $60 plus shipping to me. I would also be interested in trades, Hornady 6.5 ELD-X 147 gr or 6.5 PRC brass I can add cash on my end if needed. Possibly interested in reloading tools (comparator, Sinclair primer seater, Length gauges, etc, etc)
  11. drummachinejoe

    Reloading Equipment 6.5 mm/.264 & .224 Projectiles HORNADY

    Looking to sell some 6.5 mm (0.264”) Hornady projectiles. 68 gr BTHP (100 count) — $35/box (x1) SOLD 130 gr ELD-M (300 count) — $55/box (x3) *All same lot 140 gr BTHP [AMP] (190 count) — $45 for 90 ct box $50 for 100 ct box *All same lot SOLD 143 gr ELD-X (200 count) — $55/box (x2)...
  12. Billiam1211

    Accessories [SOLD] 143gr ELD-X 6.5mm (projectiles ONLY for reloading)

    I have 3 boxes of Hornady 6.5mm 143gr ELD-X bullets for reloading. PRICE => $75 for all 3 boxes shipped or make me an offer!
  13. The Rat 71505

    bullet Weight for a DPMS Lite Hunter .243 20" 1-10

    Just bought a new DPMS Lite Hunter .243 with a 20" 1-10 twist barrel. I haven't shot the gun yet. Just wondering what you guys think about bullets for it. Looking to hunt coyotes and deer, how heavy/light of a bullet can I shoot out of it accurately? Thanks!
  14. The Rat 71505

    .243 Bullet from Coyotes to Deer

    Having a hard time finding 243 bullets, but would like to narrow my search by asking what bullet would work for coyotes that would not blow em up and the same bullet would work for deer. I have a DPMS lite hunter 20" with a 1-10 twist. I heard the 105 Hornady Amax is the way to go but I can't...
  15. savageshooter623

    Pushing the limits of the .308

    Hey guys. Just joined up so excuse me if this topic has been covered. I am looking to push a .308 out to 1 mile. Thats right, the whole 1760 yards. Obviously the main challenge with this is passing through the transonic barrier. Does anyone know of a few bullets that dont destabilize way out...
  16. T

    Decent ECONOMICAL 308 bullet for 100-500 yards

    Looking for something I can use to practice on the cheap with my m1a. However I have resisted buying anything ugly like the PRVI or anything like that as I dont plink with my 308- too expensive. The cz 452 in 22lr is for that kind of relaxed practice. Currently using the 150 grain hornady FMJBT...

    bullet seating !

    i picked up rcbs kit @ cabela's and rcbs die's for .308. when i seat the bullet into the case on the press it goes in very easy is that right? i checked overall length and it is right on i try to pull the bullet out by hand and it wont come out. so am i just being paranoid about it or is it the...
  18. 2

    .277 dia Bullet Question

    Is there anyone out there that makes a true AP bullet in .277 dia bullet? not the preloaded stuff from SSA. I hand load for my 6.8 SPC bolt gun and would like to find some. Any ideas? Thank you for your time.
  19. Tactical30

    Bullet seating Question

    I had had a question about COAL and got a answer. The answeR was COAL is a testing thing,everybody is different. So if you go up in the powder load, seat the bullet higher?(away from the powder) How much? Im am shooting mostly out of a AR so I have a 2.260 min. Example: I just loaded 52gr Sierra...
  20. Tactical30

    Bullet COAL

    I forget to ask this on my last message i posted. If I was loading say a Nosler custom competition 52gr bullet for a .223 AR-15 and wanted a bullet COAL can i just measure say a Black Hills 52gr. Match loaded bullet COAL and use that COAL for the Nosler 52gr I am loading. I hear every bullet...