Cleaning Station - DIY Vise


Dec 4, 2021
Cape Town
I am looking for a cleaning station and vise to work on my rifle. All I have at the moment is a cheap Tipton Gun Butler.

As much as I would like the Real Avid Master Gun Vise it's not available in South Africa. I really like the articulating ball and socket joint.

I found this vise from the local hardware store for $30. If I cut up the wifes yoga mat to add some foam, I am thinking this could work. One rifle is wood stock and the other in a chassis.

This uses a suction mount so may need to DIY some additional bolts. Any reason this is a bad idea?



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Feb 13, 2017
The "throat" (depth of the vise jaw engagement to the cross rails) of the vise is pretty shallow to hold full size rifle forends, so maybe build up the walls of the vise jaws with taller wood or aluminum inset jaws.

I recently modified a similar vise for a completely different reason, I wanted to have a range bench mount vise for sighting in small revolvers and pistols. I fabricated some delrin and aluminum vise jaws for J-frame revolvers and very small revolver e.g. North American Arms .22 Magnum with a custom Sig Romeo Zero red dot just for fun.

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