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Demo how to cut foam in rifle case from Optics Planet

Most decent sized cities have places that sell foam. I found one in Portland, Oregon that had all sorts of various kinds of foam, and it was cheap enough that I bought a whole bunch of dark grey foam to make a number of various cut out inserts for a Pelican hard case.
What? A business still open and not just ashes?
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I haven't cut any gun case inserts but, I've cut many camera and instrument case inserts.

Placing the foam in a freezer for a time will stiffen the foam and make for an easier and more accurate cut. Also, I replaced the foam that came with Halliburton and Pelican cases with Ensolite foam. It's much higher density and offers more protection.

I don't know if any have experienced this.. dropping a Pelican case in extreme cold weather can crack the case plastic. I've not had this happen but, I was warned by others who had problems.

Ensolite PVC-NBR-CR is an energy absorbing foam originally developed by NASA to protect pressure from damage. It has virtually 100% memory and is waterproof.

I've no connection to this vendor.
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