1. S

    SOLD WTS: Complete LMT MARS-L Lower Receiver. - $650 **SOLD**

    For payment I accept discreet PayPal F&F, Venmo, or Zelle. For fastest response, please email me. LMT Mars-L Lower receiver Roughly 150rds on this lower receiver. Painted with Rustoleum, but otherwise in excellent condition. Includes LaRue MBT-2S trigger, LMT Trigger guard, FCD Takedown pins...
  2. sneakypayload

    Firearms WTS Solgw complete lower, Sig brand new MK25 Slide

    I have a never used SOLGW lower with B5 furniture, H buffer, and liberty fighting trigger. 375 shipped to your FFL. p226/MK25 COMPLETE slide for sale. Brand new, still in packing oil. 350 shipped.
  3. freedom71

    SOLD New KAC SR-15 Complete Ambi Lower

    SOLD!! Knights Armament SR-15 complete lower. I recently purchased a new SR-15 rifle and am keeping the 16" upper. This is the brand new, never fired, complete ambi lower from that rifle. All original parts. Price: $1425 shipped. Must be shipped to an FFL. All laws apply.
  4. S

    Firearms WTS: Complete Centurion Arms CM4 Lower with VLTOR A5 and Forward Controls Design components. - $385 Shipped to FFL

    I accept discreet PayPal G&S, F&F, or Venmo. NO NOTES!If buying G&S, address in PayPal MUST match your FFL's. Your FFL must accept from individuals. Centurion Arms CM4 Lower Receiver - $385 Shipped to your FFL Photo Album Here! Painted with Aervoe, Castle nut is torqued to 38 ft/lbs and...
  5. Dvando20

    WTB DPMS LR308 lower in Mass!

    Looking to buy a DPMS LR308 lower in the state of Massachusetts, private sale only, all MIRCS laws and regulations apply. Can be stripped, partial or complete. I have plenty of parts. Just too many hoops to jump through right now to buy out of state. Trying to complete an OEM rifle.
  6. Dragonback13

    Lower Recievers Out of Spec

    FIRST...This is not a complaint about the transaction or about @THEIS in any way. I just want to give an update on the issues I have found (so far) with the lower receivers. I purchased 10 of the lower recievers from @THEIS toward the end of October. He let all of us know that they were...
  7. W

    True ambi AR15 Lowers

    Hello, I am a left handed shooter who is trying to build an AR15. I was wondering if anyone has recommendations for true ambi lowers. The only ones I know: Radian and LMT are both out of my price range.
  8. lowlight

    Limited Edition Area 53 Snipers Hide Matched Set Available

    In the SH Store Now Sniper's Hide branded 308 AR (7.62x51) platfrom receiver You can get your user name engraved on them if you so choose
  9. T

    Finding POF stripped lower - CT resident

    Hi all, While I have faith that the full extent of the proposed law changes and ban addition in my state of Connecticut will be largely overturned once the topic reaches supreme court decision level, based on previous history, I have no illusions that this will take a long time. With Biden...
  10. swarrick

    Lower for AR-15 *CA*

    I need a bare lower for a AR-15, I have everything else in DPMS. I just need a Commiefornia LEGAL lower so I can get my AR up and running. So far it will be a standard .223 20 inch heavy barrel flat top. Can anybody suggest one brand over another? I have found the "off list" list but I do not...
  11. Jer

    Where I can get a POF 308 lower receiver sleeve?

    I need one for a build I would like to have done before this coming weekend and Coldwar Shooters is out of stock and I'm not aware of who else stocks/sells this part. Anyone know where else I can find one of these? This is the part I'm talking about:
  12. B

    Rifle Scopes NF unimount lower than larue spr mount?

    Hello all, I am casting about for a low mount for the ar scope, that is high quality. I have a larue spr mount, but I need a mount that is lower- will the nightforce unimount fit the bill? I am also looking at changing optics (from eo-tech to scope, back and forth), so it does need to be very...
  13. Firemarshall27

    Suppressors Lower engraving

    Were is a good place to get a lower engraved for a SBR build?
  14. cruciantime

    problem with putting together a .308 lower

    I was putting together a .308 dpms lower for a rifle I'm building and ran into a problem. The screw for the bolt catch mechanism which appeared to be a 1/16" allen head seemed to strip out (not the threads the head). I turned it all the way in and was NOT putting a lot of pressure on it and it...
  15. O

    Seekins Lower AR build

    Here's mine all built up, can't wait to shoot her. Vltor upper with Noveske 16.1 barrel LMT irons Magpul Miad grip Magpul UBR Larue 11.0 free float handguard RRA 2 stage nat match trigger group
  16. ftchmup

    Stiller lower

    Bought from Jerry through the group buy, I like it, fit and finish is great. Guess you could call it a 3 gun gun, or my Coyote killer. This is the first lower of this quality for me and I like it. Are the Photos too table cloth like?? Maybe could add some more props??
  17. W

    Gunsmithing .308 Lower question?

    I am not familiar with the AR-10 lowers and have a buddy that wants me to put one together for him. i have build standard AR lower but not a 308, so is the LPK standard between the two? Buffer spring, and etc all the same just either a 6 pos or a A2 stock correct? Thanks for the help in...
  18. E

    Photos lwrc with lmt lower

    Dad just put it together for me, ill be home in less then 2 months to shoot. Its a lmt sopmod lower with a m6a2 upper and i have an eotech with that will go on top.
  19. D

    Lower Parts Kit???

    I am going to order an APA Lower and I am going to install a Geissele Trigger, a Magpul PRS Stock and an Ergo Grip on it. I am starting from scratch so I will need all the parts necessary to accomplish this. Can someone with more experience point me in the right direction? I want to do this...
  20. D

    POF on AR-10 lower?

    Will a .308 POF upper unit fit on an Armalite AR-10 lower?