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Member Link Up Florida Keys shooters?

our gang

Gunny Sergeant
Full Member
Dec 19, 2007
Cora, Wyoming
Anyone out there in the FL Keys who has a place to shoot without going all the way to the Glades range in Miami? Thanks!
Re: Florida Keys shooters?

There is a private range in Key Largo. I think it is Key Largo shooter's club.... Try searching for it. There are IDPA matches there. and Members host national trainers every now and again. 100 yards is it for riflrs though.
Re: Florida Keys shooters?

Thanks found the site and send an email.

We HAD a great pistol club here in Key West and were allowed to shoot every other Sunday on the Navy range. First Clinton closed the skeet range ( a risk to F14s & FA 18s!) and then then we were tossed off the pistol range after 9/11 because our club, composed 100 % of NRA members who were also 100% active duty military, reserve, retired, veterans or LEOs, was determined to pose a "security risk" by some GS asshole. If it were not so sad, it would be funny!