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  1. Lowlight

    Sniper’s Hide Cup 2009 Fall Shooters Bash @ Rifles Only

    <u><h3>Registration Opens August 19, 10:00am (CST)</h3></u> Competition Vitals Dates: November 6-7, 2009 Train-up: November 2-4 , 2009 Registration Priority: first come, first serve # of Competitors: limited to 50 shooters Duration: 2 Days Competition Fee: $200.00 Deposits of 50% will be...
  2. MrClean

    Steyr SSG shooters..... shot groups? pics?

    Hey, I know it's not a GAP but surely there are a few Steyr SSG owners out there that can post accuracy results and maybe some pics of targets? Even of your rifle would be cool, just curious how accurate your rifles are. Thanks!
  3. stillbuster

    Advanced Marksmanship Shooters shoulder (PAIN!) Help!!!!!

    When shooting PRONE where do you place the top of the recoil pad? Picture (A) deep in the pocket UNDER the collar bone OR Picture (B) in the pocket slightly ON TOP of the collar bone? I tore a muscle or rather where a muscle connects in my shoulder while working out. I have been getting...
  4. C

    Member Link Up ATTN WI,MN,IL shooters

    I pulled this off of the FCSA website: Folks, We have applied for September 18-20, 2009 at Fort McCoy, WI. This will be a tenative 3 gun team event. The course of fire will be as follows. 1. 10 targets at 100M to be engaged with a service style semi-auto side arm, Glock, Colt, Berretta ETC...
  5. A

    Member Link Up Hello Alaska shooters

    I would like to hook up and do some shooting. I live in Anchorage so I mostly shoot at Birchwood, but I'm also a member of the Kenai range. Drop me a PM if your in the area or want to arrange a shot....JW
  6. Y

    Need help from 300 whisper shooters

    Please share your ideas: ar-15, bolt action, and everything else. I am looking to get it to shoot 240 gr smk subsonic and suppressed. What works and what doesn't? Thank you, Yuri
  7. A

    Suppressors IDPA Shooters? ESP Magwell for G35

    I'm looking for a magwell for my Glock 35 that is IDPA legal(fits in the box) to shoot in ESP. If anyone knows what brand and where to get one let me know. Thanks

    Member Link Up Richmond and Northern VA Ranges and Shooters

    I am new to the long range shooting scene and would like to meet anyone who has experience with this sport. I am looking to go to matches and learn as much as possible about this sport. I dont have a rifle and scope at this time. Those would be other topics I would like to discuss. So if...
  9. R

    any Anschutz shooters out there?

    Im in search of a Model 54 non-wing safety model. Preferably the older rifles, any input? whats the market value for such rifles? thanks
  10. R

    Attention AR 15 Shooters

    Tac Pro Shooting Center of Mingus Texas to hold DPMS LE Armorers Course July 20th and 21st contact 254-968-3112
  11. USMCj

    Champion Shooters Supply is out of Wolf MT ammo

    Just thought you guys might want to know. They did say that they are expecting more in a week or two.
  12. BgBmBoo

    RL-15 at Third Gen. Shooters & BenchMark powder

    Here ya go....bunch of RL-15 http://store.thirdgenerationshootingsupply.com/browse.cfm/2,3627.html BenchMark http://store.thirdgenerationshootingsupply.com/browse.cfm/2,3636.html Take care,Stan
  13. RobG

    Midsouth Shooters has R22 in 5lb jugs...

    Was cruising for powder and came across it. "Low stock" was listed when I bought mine so hurry if you need it.
  14. bohem

    RL17 19 25 shooters - In stock at Natchz

    They're listing the 1# containers in stock as of 1pm EST. http://www.natchezss.com/product.cfm?contentID=productDetail&prodID=HPREL251&src=sim Also 17 and 19 is in stock too
  15. paradigmsk8er

    Member Link Up TAMPA FL SHOOTERS

    I will be at shoot straight sometime tomorrow, (may 7th) probably before or around lunchtime. Hit me up, I don't have much ammo left (only about 220 of 5.56 and 350 of 9MM) but I will be blasting it all away tomorrow most likely so I'll be there for a little while at least
  16. S

    597 shooters

    I am looking for a rimfire semi-auto in 22 mag, and wanted to get some opinions on the gun. NO one seems to know anything about them, so I wanted to see if anyone on here had info.

    Any 7/08 shooters on the hide??

    Looking for what powders you have the most luck with when shooting 168 grain bullets in a 7/08 standard or Ackley
  18. O

    Member Link Up Florida Keys shooters?

    Anyone out there in the FL Keys who has a place to shoot without going all the way to the Glades range in Miami? Thanks!
  19. W

    Calling all F Class shooters

    I have been asked to serve on the newly formed FCAC (F Class Advisory Committee) for the Dominion of Canada Rifle Assoc. (DCRA) The committee's mandate is to help advise the DCRA in F Class matters, and to help promote F class protion of the DCRA programs. This year, the DCRA is working hard to...
  20. AKA-Spook

    Any '06 Ackley Imp shooters on the board?

    I have an extra Rock Creek barrel and dont want another 300 wsm. Curious about performance with 175's and 190's.