Getting an FFL


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Oct 16, 2011
This may be the wrong place to ask, so excuse me if it is. I live in the Chicago suburbs and have been having degrading luck with the dealers I buy from. It has gotten to the point that I am considering applying for an FFL so that we can have better prices around here with less attitude. It seems as if intelligent sales people are like unicorns and respect for customers is almost non-existent. Have any of you guys run into the same problems and pursued your own licenses? If so, what are the logistics like, and where can I get the best advice to do my applications correctly? I would like to believe that I could do well as a veteran owned & operated business with a focus on customer service & satisfaction. Thanks for reading my little rant, and I appreciate any advice you may have to offer.


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  • Mar 1, 2008
    Re: Getting an FFL

    Call your local ATF licensing agent, they will help you fill out the federal application. Your problem is going to be with the local governments, you have to comply with all state and local licensing and tax collection requirements, if your locals won't give you a business license you are SOL. You also can't get an FFL to just buy personal firearms, it has to be a for profit venture, if they find out you are just buying personal firearms you may get in trouble, not only with the ATF, the tax man may take exception if you are not paying sales and income taxes on your transactions. Good luck in Illinois, but you never know you may get lucky I had an FFL in Alameda and Contras Costa counties in CA and Cascade County in MT but couldn't get the POS at the planning commision in rural VA to give me business license so I couldn't transfer my FFL here.