Getting back into it, need a refresher


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Mar 7, 2013
Spokane, WA
I took the summer off from precision rifle practice, why, I am not sure. Early last spring I bought a basic Kestrel 5000. I remember watching some videos, one I believe Frank did, that shows the optimal settings (I think he suggested not setting reference pressures?) for using a Kestrel with marksmanship. I could also use a refresher on basic definitions and applications like station vs baro pressure, and maybe a tutorial on the shooter app. Any suggestions? Before I get to far back into practice, I want to make sure my equipment is all setup correctly. I am currently awaiting the arrival of my first "real" scope (K624i SKMR3). This brings up another question. I remember there being a thread on the old 'Hide showing various methods of mounting a scope correctly (Feeler gauges vs bubble level vs plumb line). Again, I am having a hard time finding these videos. Any other hints or pointers before I get back into it are appreciated. I am making this a primary focus for the winter.