Here is my field gear. Looking for Opinions.

Saclee Rhino

Jan 16, 2019
Here is my field gear, looking for opinions on what people think, and what they would change or add.

Condor MOPC
• 2x SA AICS Mag Pouches
• LRF/Wind Meter Pouch
• Radio Pouch
• Rip-Away EMT Pouch
• KA-BAR Becker BK9
• Cold Steel OSS Knife
• 1Lt Hydration Pouch
• 7 Round Bullet Wallet (Stores 7 homeloads at maximum seating depth that will not mag feed, mainly used when requiring greater accuracy with a long range shot)

Remington Model 700 PCR
• .308 WIN
• Burris XTR II 5-25X50mm SCR-MIL Reticle
• Burris XTR Signature Rings (Set to 30 MOA)
• Harris 9-13 Notched Leg and Swivel Bipod
• Area 419 Hellfire Muzzle Brake
• Some Cheek-riser off Ebay
• (Thinking about adding a Accu-Shot BT12-QK Monopod)

SC Ghillie Cobra Suit
SC Ghillie Rifle Wrap

Emerson Gear G3 Shirt, Pants and Boonie Hat

Blackhawk Fingerless Gloves

Response Gear Combat Boots (Amazing Boots, 7 Years old but about 1 year of hard use in rice fields, deep mud and swamps. Still going strong)


Thinking of adding an admin pouch at the top of my chest rig, to store pens, a torch, compass, general use small folding knife, ballistics cards and to store the map of AO on field trips. Also Rifle tools (Allen Keys, both Torques and Hex Heads).

Still in need of a Radio. Not sure what to get not my area of expertise.

I have a 3-Day Assault Pack loaded for building a hide and staying in it for a maximum of 72 hours.
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Saclee Rhino

Jan 16, 2019

What exactly are you trying to be prepared for? Mission dictates gear.

Is this for comps, hunting, EOW, when your wife kicks you out of the house
Mostly used for hunting, but myself and a couple friends also like to build and do milsim ops on our properties.

Which/what radio you going to use, an with what trinkets ?
No clue, not really my area of expertise, but I dont want to have to worry about LOS too much such as thick brush.


Jan 25, 2010
the Westside
I'd like to start by thanking you for sharing your Ghost Recon loadout. And since you asked for an equipment critique, I'll start by going through your list as you posted it.

What do you plan to use this for? Is this what you're going to come running out of the house wearing when your friends want to go hunting? When something weird is going on outside? Heading off to a match with the old ghille in tow, just incase? As stated before, the mission dictates the gear. You have a set amount of gear you'd almost always bring along (most of which I dont even see in your list) and you scale the rest of the gear/equipment as needed. Otherwise you're just dragging around 10x the shit you need and you end up flailing around in the heat after an hour or realize you left something you would actually need, back at home.

quote"Here is my field gear, looking for opinions on what people think, and what they would change or add.

Condor MOPC - Borderline airsoft Made in China shit. What plates do you have in this and what are they rated for? How much does all of this shit weigh? Have you actually layed down prone with a carrier on and shot/shouldered your rifle? Why are you wearing a carrier any only bringing a bolt gun; if you anticipate contact to needing armor to weigh you down on your 'mission' where is your carbine and ammunition? Did you plan on fighting the threat with a fucking bolt action and 10 rounds of ammo? What happens when you and the rest of your Ghost Recon squad bump contact and need to F/M and break contact? Bolt gun? lol The thought process here makes zero sense; you're either bringing shit along you don't need, or you're totally fucking yourself and showing up to a gunfight with a bolt gun. I can't figure out which.

• 2x SA AICS Mag Pouches - Can't see where they are; they should be eiter on the ruck you always have with you or on a modular belt at around 8 o clock so they can be accessed when prone or seated. Please don't tell me they are Emerson or Condor as well.
• LRF/Wind Meter Pouch - More gear for the ruck. Stop wearing essential shit you can crush and make useless on your body where you'll end up laying ontop of it anyways.
• Radio Pouch - Without a radio this is useless. Look at the Baofengs (cheap and they just work), Yaesu (nicer but more expensive) or the Kenwoods (more expensive but much nicer) to get on GMRS/MURS. I could go on for a page about how to set these up as well as to have a antennae whip stowed on your ruck that you can plug into the radio when you are static and need to extend range. Plus, who are you talking to on the radio? Solid Snake?
• Rip-Away EMT Pouch - What's in it, and what training do you have with the contents? How many TQs?
• KA-BAR Becker BK9 - Goes in a 72 hour pack, MAYBE. Even then, probably not.
• Cold Steel OSS Knife - 2 knives; seriously? Get a fucking decent folder like the smaller CRKT and be done with knives. Holy shit.
• 1Lt Hydration Pouch - 1 liter? One fucking liter? ONE? With that ghille and carrier on, you'll sweat that much before you manage to leave the fucking house. Hydro goes in the ruck, absolute minimum 1 gal per day; more if you mission parameters dictate alot of movement across terrain and/or lack of resupply as well as uncertain natural sources along your route. I'd love to take you out in some of the shit I end up doing in a day and give you only 1 liter of fucking water.
• 7 Round Bullet Wallet (Stores 7 homeloads at maximum seating depth that will not mag feed, mainly used when requiring greater accuracy with a long range shot) - This is beyond fucking retarded.

- Gun/optic is on you. Not what I'd use, but run what you have. It's not the limiting factor unless the 'mission' makes it so.

SC Ghillie Cobra Suit - You don't need it. And if you do, you need to stow it on the bottom of your ruck in a stuff sack. They are primarily used to stalk, move from the cache to the FFP and conceal at the FFP. With that said, they are rarely used anymore. With improved calibers, bullets and ballistics as well as realizing that you can get within 500m of any target using the terrain alone, the weight, smell and the fact it is hot as fuck, will give you heat stroke and then catch on fucking fire will make you leave it at home. Additionally, yours is entirely too full with whatever the fuck is in it. Look at the picture of you with the natural veg/trees behind you; you match the ground, yet look like a lump in a ghille suit yet you contrast the natural veg so much you may as well be wearing fucking orange.

SC Ghillie Rifle Wrap - Want to know what the intent of rifle wrap is? Other than making your rifle hang up on fucking everything and then getting in the way of shit when you need to use it, its designed to conceal the weapon by reducing the glare/angled light hitting the rifle as well as obscuring any unnatural shape/lines. You know, the exact opposite of that gigantic fucking black round circle that the wrap is making around your dark ass scope objective. Cool points +6. -10 fail points.

Emerson Gear G3 Shirt, Pants and Boonie Hat - This is pure, unadulterated fobbit fucking airsoft shit. I almost didn't even respond to your post when I saw you had this. I can't take anyone wearing Emerson gear seriously.

Blackhawk Fingerless Gloves - LOL

Response Gear Combat Boots (Amazing Boots, 7 Years old but about 1 year of hard use in rice fields, deep mud and swamps. Still going strong) "quote

So there's whats up with your gear as it stands right now. You have way too much shit you don't need, bought too much cheap shit that won't hold up or work as intended and don't have almost anything as far as baseline equipment you SHOULD have. If you seriously want to learn how to not look like a dildo and won't get your feels hurt, I'll post again about options/how you should/could set up depending on what your 'mission' and end goals are.


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Feb 23, 2010
The Snobbiest Town in The Snobbiest State in the N
He lost me at “milsim “

At first I thought it was Muslim. But that didn’t track.

Then I thought it was to bring MILFs in... which is valid because they love operators.

Then I realized it was military simulation. And lol’d! Because it is an un-necessary contraction. Around here we just say we ‘Play War’.

We also hang out on forums for cowboys and Indians, cops and robbers and a few still like the ‘playing doctor’ site. But that has sort of evolved since we were 10 and now is NSFW.

Anyhoo... enjoy.

Cheers, Sirhr
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Feb 15, 2017
Southern Illinois
Me and my partner before a backyard op back around ‘96. Field gear has come a long way since those days!

Edit to add: My partner was medically retired after this Op, he shot one of Grandma’s redbirds.... he barely survived that one.
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Sean the Nailer

May 20, 2006
Winnipeg, Mb.
I'm enjoying the fact that so many others are catching on to this dissertation of precision. My post above said pretty-much the same thing as The German's post, it's just that he used more words. I figured that was either a YAGI antenna or maybe one of them fancier "Quad" jobbies.

As to the mission being prepared for, one can only assume that ComiCon is around the corner. Key word there being "Con"...

Somebody's up to something and the enjoyment is building. HA.


Aug 16, 2001
Central Texas
Considering the OP is located down undah, not sure what all of the fuss is about. Appears to be a spec SASR load out - manufacturers and all.



Feb 27, 2012
Metro Atl, Ga
Here's some gear opinions...

100mph tape.

Bands to attach veg to that abomination of a ghillie

An E tool and a bakers dozen short, sharpened lengths of bamboo for implementation of punji pits

A large container of owl dung to coat the bamboo

Multicam boxer briefs, so he'll never see you coming......

Face paint. Because of the reasons. That's why

Spray fox piss on yourself to throw off the human odor.

A shakeweight. Always be training.

Nudey mags. It gets lonely in the pretend suck

A longer thigh rig strap. I mean, I need that bitch to be at least calf level.

Hair relaxer. Itll help with the jute tangles that I'm sure you're already trying to brush out.

A forearm tattoo of Mark Walberg's likeness from lone survivor, wrapped in tribal and peace frogs.

And last, but certainly not least.....
A Go Girl. Itll help with peeing, once you're dug into your hide.

That's all I've got. For now...