How do you find distances for long range shots in night?


Jan 27, 2021
SW Missouri
I just bought a new clip on night vision device (eotech) for my AI chambered in 338 lapua.

My aim is to take 1000+ yard shorts in the night. I believe the clip on night vision will be able to identify targets at extended ranges with correct IR illuminator. However one question I have not found an answer to, is how to find distance to targets in the night? Is my only option to use inbuilt reticle in the scope or are there smarter/betters devices/solutions? I do have a laser range finder, but not sure if that can work in the night.

My Leica 1200 works at night. I just went outside and tried it on known distance targets.
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Dec 26, 2018
Getting hits at night at 1000 yards plus is truly impressive. And requires pretty specialized equipment.

Have noticed that several companies who make IR night vision and/or thermal scopes have recently added LRF modules to their products. Seems to be a trend.

If you are in the ‘budget-constrained-kids-at-college’ category like me, and all you want to do is shoot hungry hogs and uneducated coyotes at night, then this cheap-as-dirt solution might be for you, while you save your pennies for a Wilcox.

This low cost China device works fairly reliably out to 400 yards by day and 500 by night - sometimes even 600 under ideal conditions. I have mounted it on a fairly low cost Sightmark Wraith night scope, which is capable out to (at most) 200 yards, so they are a good match. Got it for $130 or so. Prices seem to have gone up.

Easy to line up the LRF with the scope reticle with the two adjustment screws: At night you can see the IR laser strobing in the night vision scope. A good solution for hog hunting at night. Not as good as a high res thermal, but workable.



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Aug 13, 2019
Do you keep a log book on that 24LRs round count? If not, please entertain it in the name of science 👍
I will open a google sheet and give you access to the DOPE. Hope that works.

Also, for this shot, I had no IR illuminator. I am looking to get hold of a PEQ 15 (100 mw), but they are difficult to come by. Do you have experience shooting long distance using an IR illuminator? Is there something that works at ranges past 1000 yard?...thanks for your assistance.