In-Service Advanced Sniper School Montana


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Feb 12, 2004
September 7 - 11, 2009

Sorry, but this school curriculum is Restricted LE/Mil Certified Sniper Only.

The Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office and Augustis Ranch Inc. in cooperation with Crosshairs Inc. will be conducting a weeklong simulator based in-service advanced police sniper school.

This course of study is designed to take the tactical officer to the next level through an advanced police sniper training program designed for officers currently assigned to the position. It is suitable for operational police snipers or those officers with experience who will be assigned to a police sniper position. Students can expect training time of approximately 46-48 hours during the school.

Course includes a review of basic, intermediate and advanced topics. This course offers intensive study in advanced rifle and police sniper skills out to 300 yards. The student will participate in classroom training along with field and shooting exercises designed to challenge their marksmanship, observation and communication skills, judgement, and performance under stress. Cutting edge interactive Live-fire judgment training (CAPS simulator) evolutions with realistic full moving target scenarios are heavily integrated into this class. CAPS simulation training for the police sniper provides the latest state of the art training – period. For your consideration log onto -

Curriculum includes, but not limited to; Case reviews, Fieldcraft and Movement, Effective Camouflage, Ranging, Intermediate Distances, External Ballistics, Position Shooting and Proper selection and use of a sniper sling, Cold Bore and Data Book Documentation, Rifle Handling Skills, Role and Responsibilities, Tactical Communication, Urban Operations and Hide Selection, Night Vision, Moving Target Engagement, Practical Shooting Exercises, Dim Light Orientation, Engaging Intermediate Barriers, Proficiency Course of Fire, Simulator proficiency evolutions and participation in written examination review culminating in a certificate of proficiency upon successful completion of the qualification course.

The cost is $695 per student. Please remit purchase order, check or money order along with entry application payable to: Crosshairs, Inc., 260 Hurricane Rd., Keene, NH. 03431. Applications can also be downloaded from our web site for this training -you can find us at “” or call (603) 357-2604. E-mail: [email protected] for advanced registration.