1. L

    Training Courses Long Range Addiction Shooting School In North idaho Class Aug 2-3rd

    The Long Range Shooting Experts - HOME Long Range Addiction will be offering a long Range Shooting Class in north Idaho in Early August. We also have the ability to Come to your Area to Teach them. August 2-3rd $750 With Theory on Friday night. we are Located In North Idaho I have taught...
  2. JaysonF

    Suspended for 1 year for playing with a toy gun at home...

    Suspended for playing with guns in their own yard... Does anyone else think that they're trying to make gun rights the equivalent as smoking? I mean, over 20-30 years of indoctrination in schools, and it seems like it will be worse than ever before... What avenues would a parent have to...
  3. GunjunkieM24

    Photos Some Old school M1A's

    This was really my first passion for rifle building.. I built all of these M1A's from GI parts, New SAI receivers and "Freds" walnut stocks. TRW Winchester H&R Springfield Also have one old Springfield Garand in the foreground...
  4. B

    Hunting & Fishing Please school me on over the counter cow elk tags

    In New Mexico, Colorado. Firearms only! A huge family commitment has ended, so I am finally free to do some hunting....Is it too late to get a cow elk tag over the counter? I (as of now) am looking just for a meat hunt. Any tips, suggestions, referrals, ect, would be <span style="font-style...
  5. Ren

    Photos Socks Graduation from puppy school

    We went through the petsmart basic class...... sit,stay,leave it, drop it, loose leash walking... the basics. Dang Shepards are smart!!!
  6. G


    Guys I was just informed by the instructor at Jacksonville NC on the dates of his upcoming sniper course. I went to this course and it is very good. It is a tuition free course but for law enforcement only. the instructor is Devon Bryan and Ray Gellar Ray used to instruct at Blackwater as a...
  7. A

    4 day sniper school in SLC Utah Sept 22-25

    COURSE TITLE: Scout Sniper WHERE: 45 minutes from SLC Utah WHEN: September 22-25 TIME: 8 am to 5 pm COSTS: $300 REGISTRATION: contact at [email protected] CLASS SIZE: class will be limited to 20 students COURSE REQUIREMENTS: Precision rifle capable of 1 MOA accuracy (any...
  8. Tacstick

    5 day police sniper school

    Tacsticks Group will be holding a 5 day basic police sniper school located in central CT. The date are Sept. 28th - Oct. 2nd. Contact the web site for registration and details. Ray
  9. Jimmy2Times

    Rifle Scopes Can you guys school me on Badger rings?

    Up until this point I have always used Leupold MKIV rings.This made sense to me as all my scopes were MKIVs. Now that I'm shying away from the Leupold glass, I thought I'd try some Badger rings. I think the Leupold rings are great rings, but the Badgers are about the same price so I figured I'd...
  10. M

    Gunsmithing Value of a 40X old school trigger assembly

    I have an old school 40X trigger that I got for the tall safety to put on a M40 clone. Found the correct safety catch elsewhere so I have the complete trigger assembly left over. Figured that I would use it someday but haven't in several years so thought that I would put it up for sale. That...
  11. tacmt

    LE Sniper School, Oct 2009

    The Virginia Beach, VA Police Department will be hosting the Hathcock Law Enforcement Sniper School at the US Training Center in Moyock, NC. from October 19 - 29, 2009. Those attending must be full time paid sworn law enforcement officers. The tuition is $1050.00 per person. For additional...
  12. ArcticLight

    Movie Theater Marine Corp Survival school - Military channel

    Anyone catching this? Looks like the good old reliable SUSV is still in action!!!! I rode and drove plenty of those things.... Neat to see the cold weather survival school again LOL - 4 times through that myself..Army though.
  13. A

    In-Service Advanced Sniper School Montana

    September 7 - 11, 2009 Sorry, but this school curriculum is Restricted LE/Mil Certified Sniper Only. The Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office and Augustis Ranch Inc. in cooperation with Crosshairs Inc. will be conducting a weeklong simulator based in-service advanced police sniper school. This...
  14. F

    Fieldcraft TRACKER SCHOOL

    Well im headed off to Tom Browns tracker school today, wish me luck...gettin to New Jersey that is.
  15. P

    GPS Sniper School

    Anyone familiar with this school? It looks pretty amazing.
  16. Substance-P

    Suppressors My First Nighthawk: A New Old School Enforcer

    My local gun shop has a great selection of 1911s and I stop by there frequently to see if anything new has shown up or just to handle some of my favorites (I buy one every now and then so they seem okay with me putting my paws on a lot of the guns). Anyway, there is one 1911 in particular that...
  17. P

    Movie Theater Combat School

    I doubt Discovery Channel airs this in the US, but it's been a really good series...
  18. A

    Maggie’s Grade School Test

    A first-grade teacher, Ms. Brooks, was having trouble with one of her students The teacher asked, 'Harry, what's your problem?' Harry answered, 'I'm too smart for the 1st grade. My sister is in the 3rd grade and I'm smarter than she is! I think I should be in the 3rd grade too!'...
  19. Fighthard

    Bill Rogers School AAR (Handgun and CQB Carbine)

    Roger’s Intermediate/Advanced Handgun Course Handgun course consists of 2500 rounds total, comprised of 625 rounds weak/support hand only, 625 rounds strong hand only, and 1250 rounds from the holster and extended and intermediate ready positions with both hands. Drills and testing covered...
  20. J

    School me on AR10T

    I pulled in a somewhat of an inpulse buy on an AR10T. What exactly is difference on this stick between other factory ARs. It is on a 16" barrel, it seems these are a bit more rare.