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Gunny Sergeant
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Jan 17, 2005
Greenwood, Ca
Re: Kent USA Lathes

i am using that exact lathe. it seems well built for an import. it has an 1-1/2" spindle bore which is good enough for 99% of what i do. my first complaint about it was the change gears. when i was looking at it, i was under the impression that change gears were only needed to do metric threads. once i got it set up i, realized you are supposed to change gears between standard turning feeds and threading feeds either standard or metric. that really irritated me finding that out since it is a major pain. after installing the gears for standard threading, i found i can have the gear box set so the lead screw is stopped and the feed screw still works for decent turning feeds. i have not measured what exactly those feeds are but i have found something in the range to fit every thing i have needed to do so far. i am happy with how i have it set up now and doubt i will change out the gears unless i need to do metric (i haven't done any metric yet). the only actual problem i have had with it was i stripped out the bolts that lock down the compound angle. i made my own and have not had a problem since.

now that i have used it for over a year, i am very happy with it.

edit: out of curiosity, how much is a "lightly used" one going for?