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Kimber .308 8400 tactical

Re: Kimber .308 8400 tactical

for the money its an ok rifle but they're are other options. each his own i guess. personally ive never handled one so i cannot give you any first hand impressions. here the search option is your friend
Re: Kimber .308 8400 tactical

Friend has one, I have shot it a ton, its a very nice rifle shoots great, no real complaints. We both ordered the 8400 in 300WM and 15 months later they arrived, I am still in the box so cannot tell ya how mine shoots his 300wm shoots really well. His 308 was 2k, the 300WM's after tax rings that matched etc. were in the $2300 range. great start for a nice rifle, the only downside is no detach mag if your into that sorta thing
Re: Kimber .308 8400 tactical

And will show you the view I have of it until next month when I get to head home for some R&R
Re: Kimber .308 8400 tactical

I have a 8400 tactical.Unlike the Adv tactical, it doesn't have the adjustable comb. I also have a rem 700 LTR w/a Jewell Trigger. I was just inquiring as to why there are very few people shooting them. IMHO,it is a GREAT stick out of the box. The trigger is comparable to my Jewell and accuracy w/168 bthp has been amazing. Its topped with a Leupold Mark 4 LRT 4.5 14x50 on the Kimber 20MOA rail. If you shop around,they can be had for under $1700 w/o optics. Just my .02,but I think its a great piece for the money. I'll post a pic tommorrow.
Re: Kimber .308 8400 tactical

I think its cause the kimber is newish to the scene and not offering a detach mag model. for close to the same money you can have a custom.
A-5 stock $750
Rem 700 action $350
barrel $300
decent botom metal $200 $300 for DBM
work $300-$600
bedding $150-$200+
might have left something out but mah...
low end is $2000
add a decent rail your up to 2200

The 300 WM came with a set of Med Tan Leup looking rings and a very nice storm case already cut for the rifle. Case and Rings marked Kimber. If a problem arrises with the kimber you can send it back to kimber to have it repaired replaced, your custom Rem, not so much.

Kimbers are great rifles I have a 7mm08 84M, 223 longmaster, 22-250 varmint classic, all factory bedded and all are excellent shooters. I hope that the track record keeps up for the 300WM,