1. Wake_907

    Kimber 84 aftermarket Stock

    I have a Kimber hunter in 6.5 CM and am trying to find an aftermarket stock for it love the action and barrel but the stock isn't great.
  2. Wake_907

    bullet recommendations for 1/8 twist 22in barrel

    I have a Kimber hunter 6.5 creedmoor and im looking for some advice in finding the right bullett for the gun. it seems to throw 120gr bullets better than 125, and 140 (all hornady match grade). Its a hunting rifle so i want the heaviest bullet i can get away with and i dont really want to use...
  3. Wake_907

    Kimber hunter riffle

    im really considering buying a kimber hunter to be my primary hunting rifle in alaska but im a little concerned with the magazine and action and im wondering if anyone here has experience with the rifle and has had any malfunctions.
  4. L

    Accessories Manners MCS-TF2A - SOLD

    Manners MCS-TF2A Kimber 8400 Short Action inlet - Adv. Tactical 1, 2, SOC, SRC - badger ERF (NV rail) -Flush cups (left and rear) -Mini Chassis (AI patter mags) -Folding stock -Adj. Cheek riser - molded forest camo I have had this brand new stock for years and never did anything with it. Time...
  5. M198gunner

    Sidearms & Scatterguns 1911 - what would you spend $1000 - 2000 on if you had the cash

    Looking to pick up a 1911, I have zero time with them. Have been reading about what to look for in the barrel and bushings. I like the single stack look with a 5-6 inch barrel. What would you choose in the $1000+ range and the $1500+ range and why? I will use if for carry and shooting...
  6. dlc356

    Kimber 1911 conversion

    I wasn't sure if this should go here or in the pistol section. I'm thinking about buying one of these. It looks like a pretty well made unit. I also like the matte stainless (all the other conversions out there seem to be blue). Anyone have one of these? Did it take a long time to break in...
  7. ArcticLight

    Suppressors New 45 Grips for my Kimber

    This came from a piece of firewood that sat in my garage for 6 years. I finally figured it was dry, Madrona holds a LOT of water. They say one tree can hold 200 gallons. Anyway ran it through a table saw to get slices. I adjusted the contrast on the photo but that's kinda what it will look...
  8. K

    Kimber Advanced Tactical 300WM, Taken to 200 yard

    So in an earlier post I posted pics of a Kimber Advanced Tactical 300WM, Wife sent them to me in Iraq> posted em here. Well when I got home mounted up a scope and had some Federal Gold medal match ammo waiting for it. Cleaning it up I found Kimpro in the muzzle end of the bore. I scrubbed...
  9. mike1128

    Suppressors Trying to decide, Kimber or Springfield 4 inch

    I'm looking at the Kimber Pro Raptor II and the Springfield Champion Operator both have 4 inch barrels...having a hard time deciding between the two. I read about in other threads about Kimbers MIM parts, does Springfield use any MIM parts in their pistol? I have a Kimber TLE RL II with no...
  10. lone_soldier

    Suppressors kimber 1911s whats the problem

    i wanna know what peoples beef with kimber is. ive seen it a lot lately and wanna know why a lot of people think they are garbage. cheap pistols. everyone says they are crappy and i dont understand where they get this, lapd swat, marine force recon both use kimber 1911s and im sure other...
  11. Tucsondave

    Kimber .308 8400 tactical

    I don't see many people shooting these. Opinions???
  12. N

    Kimber 8400 Advance Tactical Barrel?

    Does anyone know what the exact barrel dimensions and type of contour this rifles barrel has on it. I was thinking about looking into one. I can't find the info on the net so I was wondering if anyone on here owns one they can tell me about or possibly do a quick measure?
  13. K

    Kimber Advanced Tactical 300WM,

    About 16 months ago I noticed kimber was offering the Advanced Tactical in 300WM, so called my dealer and had him order one for myself and a friend. 15 months later they show up. This is as good as it gets with mine till I head home on R&R, he will probably start running rounds out of his...
  14. InTheWeeds

    Kimber 84M LPT

    Couldnt find much in terms of reviews on this rifle, probably since its is fairly new. Anyone know much about it? Theres a guy locally selling one in a .308 with a muzzle break for $900
  15. vikz

    Suppressors Kimber pro Carry II..hope it's a good one..

    Hello fellas !! I used to own a Kimber pro carry (2yrs ago) I was not that impress with it , so I'm hoping this one will be different, I was able to try it today just 1 box of wolf(thats the only thing i can find) and so far so good had 2 premature slide locking open with ammo still in the...
  16. M

    Suppressors Whats an old kimber Worth? new pics

    I've got a kimber classic stainless KO38XXX that i baught new probably ten years ago cant remember the year, had the trigger worked and a custom finish put on the pistol, maybe one box ran through gun, than it has been a safe gueen almost to nice to shoot, i know i'm gonna catch a bunch of...
  17. ArcticLight

    Suppressors Kimber Pro Carry II

    Step-dad has a Kimber Pro Carry he's offering me, $650 - 2 boxes shot through it. I've got a custom II, thot about selling it but this one is not that much smaller or concealable. value worth it? Tempted...
  18. Rockfish Dave

    Anyone here own a Kimber Advanced Tactical rifle?

    Anyone here own a Kimber Advanced Tactical rifle? Could you share your shooting impressions? - Reliability? - Accuracy? - Fit and Finish? - Misc. Likes? - Misc. Dis-likes? Thanks!
  19. bhoges

    Suppressors Whats a good 22 conversion for my 1911 Kimber Gold

    Whose got the most reliable one out there? Ive seen the Kimber and Tac Solutions kits. I want one that wont jam. Im I better off just buying a 22 pistol? Thanks
  20. duke308

    Suppressors Kimber Custom II - Good buy?

    I am looking at .45 1911's, for all around use, is this good pistol?