Laminate Stocks for older Savages with 4.27 action


Gunny Sergeant
Full Member
Sep 3, 2010
Building off a Savage 10 action and looking for a wood composite stock for an olders 4.27 staggered feed action (blind, or can convert).

Tactical or possibly benchrest style inletted for varmint contour barrel
Richards has them with a long wait...

I wish Boyds had some offerings. I've had good luck with their simple stocks after I epoxy bed the receiver and install pillars...

If there is nothing for that action in stock anywhere, I'll probably go with the B&C Medalist as we already have one and would buy another. Just not exactly what I'm looking for.

Also::: I'm no comps shooter, but do take it seriously. Would I notice a measurable improvement in accuracy with an aftermarket recoil lug? Are the factory lugs are that shitty that they need to be replaced?

Thanks for any suggestions.