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LaRue Barrel Length Questioins


Full Member
Jan 7, 2008
DFW, Texas
I am about to order a LaRue rifle in .223/5.56. I have the option of 16", 18" and 20" barrels with whatever length rail system. I have plenty of 16" barreled AR15's so I am debating over 18" and 20" It'll probably be used to run tactical competitions. I won it using a 24" barreled RRA Varminter and that was pretty heavy and long to run and gun. Any preference between 18" and 20" as far as performance?

My partner won the OSR from LaRue and is also in the same boat as me except his will be a .308 and have a Surefire brake on the end. 18" or 20"?

A big thanks to LaRue!
Re: LaRue Barrel Length Questioins

I'd go 18". It's an nice balance between performance, weight and maneuverability.

I haven't had a chance to work up loads for my 18" CLE bbl. I've got some 77gr SMK's w/c waiting to be loaded up. Hopefully I can get close to Mk 262 Mod 1 spec without running unsafe pressures.
Re: LaRue Barrel Length Questioins

I shoot .4-.5 moa with a larue stealth 16". I have been able to get hits on steal at aorund 500yds too. The larue upper is a very accurate upper. I would go with the 18". Thats the beauty of the stealth, you can get the accuracy of a longer gun in a short setup.

Re: LaRue Barrel Length Questioins

Short. Short is accurate and easy to move with. You could go out to 600 or so with the 18 inch OSR. I'm going 16 on mine. The .223 I would go 18, as well.

For what that's worth!