Leica 3200.com vs Zeiss victory rf?


Nov 23, 2020
United States
Trying to decide between these 2 lrf binos.... For those of you who have tried these lrf binos....I know the bt connection is next to useless on the Leica but how does it work as a rangefinder? Will it range a deer sized target at 1500 yards? I would never shoot a deer at that range but it is nice to know what it will do on fur. Will it range a coyote at a 1000 plus yards? I am sure it will range an elk at over 2000 but they are a large animal..Same questions apply to the Zeiss.....Any and all input would be greatly appreciatedusps tracking
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Aug 7, 2017
Leica. I've looked through all three of the top dogs, Swarovski, Leica and Zeiss and for the $ and features it's hard to beat Leica. All three are fantastic in their own right, Zeiss seemed maybe a teeny bit brighter and true to color and had a smaller lighter profile, but also a pinky activated ranging button. Also by far the most expensive. I thought the Swarovski and Leica had glass that was very close but the Swarovski's ranging button is awkwardly on the left side and the reticle readout always seems severely canted. It also has the lowest reported ranging ability. I just ordered the 3200.com's , we'll see in time how the kestrel interface works. Nice perk, but I really wanted a high quality bino/rangefinder


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Mar 18, 2017
Florence, SC
I bought the Zeiss Victory RF 10x42 for its ballistic abilities. Ranging is quick and ballistic readout is quick and acurate. Easy to pair with Zeiss app. Glass is great as is all Zeiss glass. HOWEVER... it failed me in cold weather the other weekend in Colorado. It would not hold a battery charge therefore I could not get range readings. That being said I am not knocking it. It is a brand new devise so hopefully it is a fluke. It is back at Zeiss now hopefully for a replacement. There was a Leica 3800 RF bino and a Swarovski RF bino there as well. Both were slower in ranging and the Leica is crazy to set up for ballistics in my opinion but glass may have been a little better in each than the Zeiss. All that being said, if the Zeiss situation is resolved it gets my vote for ease of ballistics and ranging information. The ergonomics of the ranging button is easily overcome with practice and muscle memory. I would not let that be a hindrance. I'll update on the repair.
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Jun 21, 2009
I really like my Zeiss 8x45 RF binos. They are 12 years old and I have ranged out to 1800+ yards on large high reflective targets and 1400+ yards on smaller less reflective targets. The glass quality is truly outstanding and the range finger is much quicker & farther reaching than a friend’s Leica of the same generation. Also came with a lifetime factory transferable warranty.

Im sure the newer generations are even better. Good luck on your search.
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