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Rifle Scopes Looking for a good scope for a Savage Striker


Full Member
Aug 14, 2007
Roswell, GA
I picked up a Savage Striker without realizing how uncommon good handgun scopes are. I have looked through a few and they seem to have only a very narrow window of alignment/eye relief.

Does anybody have any experience/wisdom on a good scope for a 308 Handgun?

I can probably get a nikon from Grafs cheaper than anything else that is quality.
Re: Looking for a good scope for a Savage Striker

Agree. You could get something like an FX-II 2.5x28mm IER Scout, which has about 9 inches of eye relief, and have the custom shop put target turrets on it. It's not a lot of magnification, but it shouldn't be as critical on the eye relief as a true handgun scope. It also has a decent amount of internal travel.

There are other options too. I'd recommend downloading their catalog, since they have all of their scope specifications on a single page. I'd also recommend shooting the gun without sights first, to get an idea of how much eye relief you're going to need.

On the other hand, red dots have unlimited eye relief, so that would be a good option as well. Midway currently has the 2x version of the Aimpoint ML2 on sale for $390: Midway
That's about the same price as the Leupold custom shop FX-II IER.
Re: Looking for a good scope for a Savage Striker

Anybody have any experience with the Nikon offerings?
Re: Looking for a good scope for a Savage Striker

I have a VX11 6-18 on mine. I have a Rem 7mm-08 with factory muzzle break.

Re: Looking for a good scope for a Savage Striker

I would sugest looking at a 2-7 Burris for a decent priced one for target type shooting, not quite as expensive as Leupold.
2-7 is the one I want, I have a 2x Burris on a .44 Mag Encore and it has done well.
Re: Looking for a good scope for a Savage Striker

If u have a muzzle break on it i would recommend a riflescope. I have a 243 WSSM Striker that has a 4.5-14x VX-III. I just acquire my target move my eye back a little and shoot--no problems. I also like the 3-12x Burris. I have 1 of these on a 7-270 WSM XP-100 that shoots the 200 gr. Wildcat bullet, but the Holland QD muzzle break works well enuf that i could also get away with a riflescope if i wanted to. Bill Rocque is now making power boosters that slide over the ocular of 2.5-8x Leups. and the 3-12x Burris that increase the magnification by 25-35%. More importantly it also cuts eye relief in half which makes the Burris manageable from the prone position with a bipod on a center-grip stock (something that didn't work too well before this fine addition). My XP above has the 3-12x Burris with a 35% booster. So it's basically a 4-16x now. I like this optic as i believe it still delivers the best bang for the buck when it comes to long-range specialty pistols.