1. R

    looking for a good .22 LR training rifle

    I want a very accurate 22 LR that i can go out on a nice day and just zing 1/2" groups at 50 yards with, but im not looking to spend a ton of money, lets say keep it around or under $500 (not scoped)
  2. G

    Rifle Scopes best optic for a 6.8 for close up to good ways out

    just like title says what would you guys recommend for close up and far out work. trying to be able to take the 6.8 out to atleast 700 yards and use it in as a close quarters weapon. i love the acog for my 5.56 ...but just curious to others experiences. i got about 1500 to spend. i have...
  3. N

    Rifle Scopes What truely defines good glass?

    Everyone always advocates spending at least at much on glass as the rig. Now, my cousin shoots a 30-06 with a cheap tasco all day and it stays true. Are we talking adverse conditions? How the scope sucks in more light? The clarity? Explain to me why after you get to a certain point...
  4. M

    Suppressors How good a shooter is a S&W 4006

    How good a shooter is a S&W 4006? A friend and gunshop owner found one NIB and sold it to me for $400 plus tax. As it was unfired I figured that's a fare price. I already have a couple of .40ties but may hang on to this one. The reports on the Internet are mixed as to it's accuracy. Mike G
  5. Dsparil

    Gunsmithing good left handed remington 700 trigger

    what's a good brand aside from standard remington or timney? Something very consistent even at about 1 lb that doesnt run above $200.
  6. Jimmy2Times

    Load development: The good, the bad & the ugly.

    Ok so I just got done putting this rifle together and started doing a bit of load development. Ultimately, I will develop a 175 gr. load but at this time, in my area, all I can get my hands on are 168 SMK HPBTs. I also had to use Remington 9 1/2 primers as I am out of BR2s. Anyway, here are the...
  7. BgBmBoo

    DR.Ruth knows all about a good stick!!

    Check this out: Man...I knew I loved that old girl for more then one reason. Take care,Stan
  8. N

    Is this a good starter rifle?

    checking out a remington sps tactical in .308? any suggestions about this rifle or others?
  9. Phylodog

    How good is good enough?

    Just curious as to what others look for when developing a load for long range shooting. A good friend and I spent the better part of yesterday trying to work up a good load for my new .223AI and we couldn't get the numbers we wanted through the Oehler. I was really hoping to get 75gr BTHPs...
  10. D

    Rifle Scopes Im looking for a good scope for my Remington SPS

    I'm trying to put together my first precision rifle together, Started with my remington 700 sps which I have read is a great starting platform for the budget minded, which I am but I would like to finish it with a good optic, ive done a little checking around my choices are: Burris 4-16x50...
  11. beretta989

    Rifle Scopes Who makes a good beater scope for under 400$

    Im looking for a decent scope for my ar-15 coyote rig its a 16inch heavey barral rig and a 4-16x50 would be plenty just looking for somthing I can maybe paint and not feel bad I have nightforce and leupolds on my bolt guns but don't like to beat on them.
  12. earthquake

    Old Ammunition: Still Good to Shoot?

    Hi! Just joined, first post. Two years ago I was given ~500 rounds of military 7.62 (.308) ammunition, Lake City, ball that was unopened (ammo still in its original cardboard boxes of 20 rounds per box) and it's dated 1964! So, the stuff is 45 years old now. I have an IBA Tactical Precision...
  13. Savage_Jake

    Rifle Scopes A Really Good Question....

    I am trying my hand at the Mildot calculations and I am a bit baffled about one thing. At what scope power do you calculate the mils? I went to the Quickload website and they have a simulation to try. You chose between 10x and 20x. When I calculate the mils using 10x I come really close to the...
  14. Tactical30

    Good powder for 62gr. bullet?

    Im new to reloading and i am going to test some 62gr. HP Match bullets and was wondering what are some good powders to use from Hodgdon, IMR, Reloader or Vihta Vuori for a 62gr. Bullet? Anyone know any bullet manufacturers that make a 62gr. HP Match bullets besides Remington??
  15. J

    Did i get a good deal ?

    i was wondering around town today and stumbeled across some bulk projectiles at a crapy seccond hand place .308 150 grain winchester power point BC 2.7 but the kicker i paid $100 australian for 1200, but ended up with 2750 :), that is under 4c a projectile so that makes a 39c for a .308 400...
  16. R

    Rifle Scopes Looking for a good scope for a Savage Striker

    I picked up a Savage Striker without realizing how uncommon good handgun scopes are. I have looked through a few and they seem to have only a very narrow window of alignment/eye relief. Does anybody have any experience/wisdom on a good scope for a 308 Handgun? I can probably get a nikon from...
  17. J

    Gunsmithing Ionbonding - Any good or bad experiences?

    to send my Badger M2008 off to have it done, any good or bad experiences to share? Also, I heard its thinner than Cerakote which will be good since the M2008 is pretty tight to start. Any one know the coated thicknesses of each? Jason
  18. Jester8

    Anyone have a good starting load for:

    69gr SMK, with Varget or H380 22-250 Boy am I gonna get my ass kicked on this one, BUT Could you use the data from a Nos 69gr Custom Comp.?
  19. BigBrother

    Good replacement for Black Hills 68gr match?

    Hey all- wasn't exactly sure where this belonged, it was a toss up between exterior ballistics and rifles, since it has to do with both. I settled on this specific BH ammo a while back for competition: Out of my Bushmaster Varminter-...
  20. B

    Gunsmithing Looking for a good riflesmith

    I have a rifle project I'm working on and will be needing a quality gunsmith. I have a Remington 5R barrelled action I'm putting into a vintage 1966 ADL stock. The rifle will be set up with Redfield JR mount and rings with a John Unertl scope. I need a smith who I can trust to inlet the 1966...